Borderlands 2 Crashes at Gearbox Logo Appearing Windows 10

Borderlands 2 has worked on my computer for weeks now, but a couple days ago (1/24/2016) in the middle of the game, I received an error message that said “Borderlands 2 has stopped working” and the game crashed. Since then, every time I open the game, the 2k logo appears, and then when the Gearbox logo comes up, the audio starts to stutter, and then the error appears. I’ve verified the game cache on Steam, reinstalled the game, turned off the launcher, tried running the .exe file, and tried running it as an administrator, but so far, nothing has worked. I would be interested to know what more I can do, and I don’t know why the game randomly stopped working. Any help would be appreciated!

had windows updated recently? like immediately before?

Not immediately before. There was nothing that happened right before the error message, it just showed up and crashed the game.

i mean sometime between this time and the last time you played.

I got a Windows update this morning. Not one between that and the last time I played, however.