Borderlands 2 crashes each time i select character to load... HELP

this is the message i get each time i try to launch into the character i have selected.
i seem to have tried everything, and still nothing
-tried reinstalling it, nothing
-tried verifying cache everytime comes up with 2 files, still nothing
-tried running in compatibility mode, nothing
-tried running as admin nothing
-tried launching with option ‘’_nolauncher’’, nothing

im getting kinda fed up with it, its my favourite game series and its not playable.

HELP PLS!! im losing my will.

backup your saves/profile
Delete everything in Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2
start game, it will recreate them.
close game, put back files, profit.

ive tried that, it still has the same issues.
ive tried each thing the support pages ive seen have suggested through the steam community.
but it just seems to come up with that each time i select the character.
they seriously need to go back and fix these issues with some sort of update which will patch it.

Did you check and make sure borderlands is in fact installed in c:? if c:\ is an ssd, or your games are on an External or whatever, your $PATH might not be pointing to the game somehow. if you updated recently, windows probably broke whatever you had set up. Or maybe its steam. maybe steam is searching for it in the wrong spot somehow. really need more of a backstory on what happened before.

all of that is fine, bordelands has been like it since install, i managed to temporarily fix it but now it just doesnt want to work