Borderlands 2 crashing on startup (MBP M1, Steam)

Can’t join a game nor start a game. Was fine for the past 2 weeks I’ve been playing. Anyone else experience this? Already re-installed Steam and Borderlands 2. What to do?

11.6 Big Sur

1.8.5 Borderlands 2

Oct 7 2021 Steam

I just launched it on an M1 iMac and it worked fine.
However, my Steam version is October 13, that might make a difference. Though I haven’t had any issues since I got his iMac.
with I could provide any more guidance.

Have you tried playing online with friends? (If Windows, obviously they have downgraded to 1.8.5 to match your Mac version)

Weird thing is, sometimes the Solo campaign works, sometimes it does not. Sometimes I can join friends, sometimes I can’t. It’s really hard to find out why, and how to fix it. Steam version is Oct 14 by (updated it since this post) and issue still persists.

Sorry, missed this note: Ha! No, I have never played Borderlands co-op, or any other game since Quake Areana in 2000. The gaming world has become too toxic for me to open the door.