Borderlands 2 crashing

Hi there,

We have been playing LAN Co-op

BL2 in prep for BL3, and are going through the DLC. We are currently on Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, which had been going quite well. I now can’t play the game, and get an error report, which I’ve attached. The only thing different I have done from when it was working to when it wasn’t, was to acquire the Bee Shield from the BL3 rewards, however it was working when first acquiring it, so I’m really not sure whats happened.
The game has been verified in steam, I’ve completely uninstalled and reinstalled, and when playing single player, the game seems to launch, however when trying to play LAN co-op, is when it crashes.

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Hi. I just built a new computer and after installing the game, this same thing seems to be happening to me. I am adding to this so if anyone helps you, I know too.

Will maybe file a support ticket soon too

You can try this fix, which works for some things:

The crash log itself isn’t that helpful, but it looks like memory corruption. In that case, there might be something in this thread that would help:

I’d also see if there was a driver update that got installed between when the game was working and when it wasn’t - that can also cause issues since the game is not being actively updated for new drivers at this point. (It’s also possible that an update triggered a change in your settings, so you might want to check that everything is still the way it was before.)

Apart from that, all I can suggest is filing a support ticket