Borderlands 2 cute stuff ^-^

I made these Borderlands 2 embroidery hoops. I think they are pretty cute and thought i’d share. Sorry about the poor quality. One is of claptrap and the other says “Burn all the babies!” and it has Tiny Tina’s bunny on it haha. ^-^


That really is adorable. I really like the Clappy one.

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Thank you very much! ^-^

why is the tina one covered in chicken feet?

Not too sure what you mean, its the sewing pattern most likely.

Great work.

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These are AWESOME, @cassiemcconnell ! I love “Burn all the babies”.

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This is cute. Really cute.

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Thank you hehe ^-^

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I’m glad you like them!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Nicely done! Upon closer inspection, the pattern appears to be some sort of reddish flower.

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Is the eye on the bunny a loose button? :thumbsup:

Ooo no but it should be! Good idea c:

I’d buy em for sure. my wife would love em

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I’m probably going to be selling them on Etsy once I make more. I’ll keep you posted!

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Awwww these are badass! <3

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