Borderlands 2 DLC -> add General Knoxx Armory!

"Remember when farming weapons in Borderlands was actually fun

_and didn’t require you to sacrifice your firstborn son on a full-moon-night _
at the bottom of the deepest sea?! "

Since the Outro in Borderlands 2 showed many, many vaults I wouldn’t have any problem with more DLC!

But one idea is persistent and won’t go away:

I really, REALLY loved the glitch-farming in General Knoxx!

No other spot in BDlands 2 came even close.

Please add General Knoxxs Armory or something familar (with the same easy farming-glitch!) into Borderlands 2!!!

I’ve got 540 hours in BDlands 2 and I would sink in even more
if there was a really good farming-route.

But there really is nothing that comes close to Knoxx!

Opening chest after chest, thats music in our ears!

(Oh, and make Pearls available on the second difficulty already! Nobody likes UVHMs focus on slag, because it forces you to abandon otherwise really powerfull weapons and use NERF-guns versus Bulletsponges instead!)

Although it’s already a complete game, I would like to see this abandoned or patched in BL2. Heavily disliked slag since launch.

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Personally, I’ve always wanted Pearls to drop on all difficulties. Many of them would be more useful in NVHM & TVHM.


Actually, until you go into the OP levels, slag isn’t a nescecity in Ultimate in most cases. Krieg roflstomps OP0, and even a Jakobs focused Mechro hardly needs it from my experience.


Ayup. Krieg can still stomp all over OP 8 without slag. I use a Storm Front to get the party started when I play it. It strips shields, does damage, and gets my BL stacks going.


I totally agree with you!! It was so fun killing Knoxx and then going and opening all those chests!! One of the best parts of Borderlands 1 in opinion was the whole General Knoxx part!! But yeah, they should have it or something that is similiar as a DLC in the future!! Also, they should abandon the whole slag idea. I mean, really, once you get to UVHM, the only good gun that you can use without slag is the Norfleet. But yeah, gret idea man!!

I don’t mind it as a debuffer that would speed things up once in a while but making it a core component in UVHM really soured the game for me. That plus the stupid regenerating health made me stop playing the game eventually. I got all my characters to OP5 and then thought “this is stupid”. I haven’t touched the game in about two years but 2200+ hours in, I’ve got my fill.

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You really don’t need slag in UVHM unless you are using weak guns. OP levels yeah, but those are supposed to be hard mode. At any rate from a gameplay perspective BL2 is vastly superior to BL1, and I definitely have more fun playing it (most of the DLCs in BL1 are extremely frustrating, Knoxx included).

Gearbox wouldn’t intentionally make an easy farming glitch into some super treasure room. No doubt someone would find such a glitch eventually tho

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I’m expert at getting the lowest legitimate drops out there. I have legitimate level 30 Norfleets, level 15 Cobras, a level 5 Hive (cashed in the gearbox reward code for one on a level 5 character), so on and so on.
That said, there is the slightest slight chance of getting a Pearl out of the slots in Tina’s DLC in True. I took a new character through the DLC split screen with one of my OP main characters so that everything was level 35 at the end for that character. Then you just go to Flamerock and play the slots, and play the slots, and play the slots. I have a Butcher or an Avenger, I can’t remember which I haven’t seen it in so long (I have max number of mules, it’s somewhere). Easier to achieve was getting an Ogre at level 35, all those waves are 35 and much easier than 50, 61 or 72+. I have 3 or 4 different of those.
Other than that, 52 or 53 is the lowest level I was able to get Pearls by running straight to Wildlife and the loot midget run with minimal experience acquired on essential missions.

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The repeatable snowman fight in the mini DLC is pretty good. You get a traincar chest. The other closest thing was the end of the pirate DLC. People found sneaky ways into that room to open those again and again. But it’s not as much fun as Knoxx armory because there is nothing to fight anymore in that map once you have access to the room.

I posted many times about wanting a Knoxx like armory in BL2, before all the DLC released. I believe secret to it’s fun factor is the same one as Borderlands in general. Shoot, Loot, repeat. In the case of the armory, it took about 30 to 60 minutes or so for a run, involved fighting tons of enemies, using lots of skills (player and character alike), different types of elements needed, area effect and single target both had good use, good loot dropped along the way, summed up with a good boss fight and an excellent loot room (probably biggest ever).

Another good BL2 loot room was the dragon raid. Although the Dragon raid is a little unbalanced to the classes and the Knox shoot, loot, loop was better. The dragon raid has odd glitches that make using any class besides Gunzerker or Assassin a liability. But, wow there were a TON of chests to farm.

Using Lilith I was able to get to the Armoury in around 10-12 minutes without having to fire a shot, defeat Knox and his minions in about a minute and I’m in. That in itself was better than the racing runs in the Torgue DLC which did not have anything like the payoff the armoury had. Good Times. There was nothing like it in BL2 or TPS unfortunately.

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True, but she was good at speedrunning like that.

Also, we can’t forget Craw. Not as fun a run but certainly an interesting boss, especially that it was intended to require multiple players. But the loot drop was amazing too.