Borderlands 2 DLC Question

I’m new to borderlands an love it but I’m having trouble understanding the leveling system. I’m currently lvl 28 i haven’t done any dlc i prob have 1 or 2 missions left of main story. This is my first play though i have been doing lots of side quests but i also have lots i am way above the lvl. Im confused when i am soposed to do the dlc, main story and side missions. Can anybody explain thanks


Normal mode:

Main game: Missions never scale to your level, they’re all pre-defined.

DLC: The starting level of a DLC campaign is set when you first enter it, even if you visit the location only for a second, so be careful not to enter any of those locations before you really want to play them. They’re set to your level at that point within some limitations: Captain Scarlett and Mr. Torgue are min. 15 and max. 30, Tiny Tina and Hammerlock are min. 30 and max. 35 (supposed to be played after the main game).

True Vault Hunter Mode:

Same as normal mode with two differences: A) everything is capped at level 50 and B) once you finish the main storyline, all remaining missions will jump to level 50. That includes locations, enemies, loot etc.

Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode: The entire world scales to your level, missions will always be the level you were at when accepting them.


Thanks for that very well explained I’ve been searching everywhere for that answer


I think this mechanic is really poorly handled in the game. For example, if you’re level 8, look at the map and think “Oasis, oh what’s that?”, enter it without any knowledge what will happen, the very moment you arrive there the game is saved immediately and that DLC will be level 15 forever.

You’re going to leave that location again because it’s impossible at level 8 and you may think “I’ll do it after the main game”. After the main game you’re about level 30, go there again and everything’s still level 15 and it’s going to be super boring and all loot will be worthless trash. All it took for that was one unsuspecting click on the map.

There really should be some pop up, a warning of some sort that asks you if you really want to go there now.

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I think the levelling system may be the way it is in part because of the number of players who will only ever play the base game, and the levels have to work for that. They also had to work for the game during the period in which the DLCs were still being released.

Aside from that, at least there’s the reset you get when you complete main story in TVHM, and all unaccepted quests are now level 50.


I think that’s the main thing. They worked fine for release or when you’re aware how they do. Gotta admit it’s not best suited for first impression to anyone who bought “the full package” later on.

As for the op. Over leveling from Normal to TVHM is not too much of an issue. So the 1st playthrough is a good time to explore some DLCs.
Going from TVHM to UVHM is highly recomanded to do it as close to 50 as possible. Especially the first time.


Yes i agree lessons learned for BL3 i hope


I think this is spot on. Looking at Steam, only 17.4% of PC players have reached level 50. Heck, only a third of PC players have completed the game (Defeat Jack Achievement).


It’s almost impossible to not hit 50 by the end of TVHM just playing the vanilla - so a full run-through of any of the DLCs is generally not a good plan. Typically the only reason is to get a (slag) Pimpernel for UVHM.

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Is it a good idea to save all the dlc until lvl 50 considering they scale to your level

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If you mean UVHM, then yes. As I said, there’s too much XP to be gotten in TVHM to do much in the DLCs. But be careful with the DLCs in UVHM as there are a ton of quest rewards that you might want to wait until end-game to get.

This might be a help to decide when to do what quests. Note - only the Sandhawk and the Greed are tied to the story (Scarlett’s DLC). All the others are side quests


If you complete them in normal mode they’ll have little impact on your progress for UVHM. When I 100% normal mode and then just do the main story of TVHM, I enter UVHM at 50/51.

After 100%ing both normal and TVHM I’m at about 56, and even so I didn’t find entering UVHM such an issue after farming some lvl 50 legendaries, most importantly the Bee.

edit: that’s with some experience and badass ranks though, new players should avoid entering UVHM at such a high level.


At what lvl is recommend to enter uvhm?

Level 50 is best, since you have gear available from TVHM to carry you through the first couple of levels. In practice, you can get away with starting a little higher, but I would not advise leaving it past level 53.


Ok i have just finished normal mode main and some side missions, i done the first DLC in oasis but no side missions there im level 32 going to tvhm now how should i approach this play though should i do any dlc i have them all, or just main story and should i do any side missions? Im loving this game so i just want to maximize my enjoyment while keeping it intresting

I would concentrate on main story, and just do side quests as needed to keep within a reasonable level range compared to the main story quests. For that, I’d prioritise side quests that give eridium as a reward (contributes to ammo and bank storage) or just straight up cash/XP/low level rewards.

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Best at level 50, I’ll try to explain why:

UVHM enemies are much stronger, they have much more health and what’s worse they regenerate health. Their min level is 50, so it is not recommended to enter UVHM below level 50.

What may seem counter-intuitive is that entering at a higher level is disadvantageous too. The reason: let’s say you’re level 55, UVHM enemies always scale with you, so they’re level 55 too (± 2). That wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for your gear. All you got in TVHM was level 50 at best, which means it’s really underpowered against super-strong level 55-57 enemies. You may feel like fighting super badass Bullymongs with a slingshot.

With a good build and the right legendaries (The Bee, which can be easily farmed in The Forest, helps a LOT in this situation–you should also get the Magic Missile, also from the Tiny Tina DLC) it’s certainly not an impossible task, and if you manage to prevail in early UVHM, you’ll quickly get better gear because loot also scales with you. But if you enter UVHM overlevelled and unprepared, you’re in for quite a shock.

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