Borderlands 2 dlc

I recently bought Borderlands: The handsome collection and the main reason I bought it was for the DLC as I’ve played borderlands 2 and TPS before. Well anyways I installed the game, loaded borderlands 2 up and I clicked on downloadable content on the main menu, it loads for a bit then says ‘unable to enumerate the new content offerings. Please try again later’ now I’ve uninstalled and installed the game twice and it still says it? Would anyone know the reason why or could help me get the DLC for the reason why I bought the game in the first place. Cheers

You don’t have to download the dlc it’s already all installed from the get go.

So how do I play it then? Do I have to finish the BL2 story or what?

You’ll see the locations in the fast travel stations. You can go anytime

Oh haha thanks mate much appreciated :slight_smile:

No worries, have fun!