Borderlands 2 Drop Rates 3x shouldn't happen and why

Many people seem to be excited about the drop rates and I feel like I’m the only one with the opposing opinion, now when I get a drop I don’t get that feeling of joy when I see the orange. I feel like I have been cheated as if I have modded the drops to make them increased.

I also feel like they are too easy to obtain now, I got 3 storm fronts in half an hour and I had nothing to do once I got it. Farming for long periods of time allow for better passing of time and when you see it, the feeling of joy is so much more than it is now. I used to upload photos of legendary drops because of the value of them, now their worthless. I don’t even feel like they should be praised as you getting the legendary weapon. I don’t know if it’s just me, seeming as I have 800 hours on BL2 and time isn’t really a problem. I feel like I want to download cheat engine to lower them so they are more valuable and the feeling of the drops are much more euphoric.

Overall may a 1.5x increase would be much better, I don’t want to seem like i’m categorizing players but I feel like most other hardcore players will agree with what I’ve said and that nobody really is bothered to voice an opposing opinion. While the more casual players feel like legendaries are better because they are easier but I feel like that feeling will go away. I really hope this 3x increase gets changed back to the normal because it was perfectly fine and I really hope a dev sees this, not like a change will happen by one opinion but I feel like it’s worth it to consider a change back to appeal more to both sides of player i.e. Hardcores and Casuals for example a 1.5x increase.

Thank You for reading as this being my first post because I felt like making an account and voicing this opinion was more worth it than just complaining to myself and not enjoying the game anymore.


Here’s my counter response.

I actually like the idea of the 9% chance. And I’d like to think I count as leaning towards the hardcore crowd. Reason being that at 3%, it was very tedious to get a drop. Some bosses like BNK-3R were notorious for not giving their loot up, and I was a “victim” (for lack of a better term) of that. When I did nothing but farm him for three days straight with nothing to show for it, that kind of soured me on the drop rates. During the increased rates event, I felt I wasn’t wasting time farming him. That fact that I could get 2 or 3 drops within a 2 hour period felt much better than getting 1 or 2 over the course of a few days. And since I’m picky about parts in all three BL games, the increased rate will help a lot with me trying to get a specific version of a weapon (like now I have a better hope of getting those fire and corrosive Bitches that I’m after).

Thank you for being civilized and giving proper constructive criticism. Seriously, the amount of times I see someone going “GBX are f*ggots who won’t do what I want!” is extremely irritating.


I see your point with certain bosses and I totally agree that the sham was unbelievable, but think about all the other bosses like scorch dropping the hellfire, now we will see tons of those. Also, yes I agree with getting perfect parts for the gun. But I feel like they should really appeal to the middle group, between hardcore players and casuals i.e. a 1.5x increase.

I also get the feeling that sham fleeting will be much more common in this game and the challenge of getting a legendary and killing enemies will be gone in a month. I feel like it’s better to be underpowered and struggle with single enemies than be overpowered and 1-shot enemies with the now more common legendaries in normal and true vault hunter mode. Will make the stuggle of the game and difficulty in later levels much easier.

KillerSix, A youtuber put it in a great way. He feels like Gearbox are trying to recover from the Pre Sequel and bring in players to the franchise, but he feels like this hype for loads of legendaries will go away and it will be back to normal and less people will be playing whilst leftover, more dedicated fans will have to stick with easy legendaries whilst more casual player who usually play 50hours then stop will go away. And play on other games again. All i’m trying to get at is to appeal to the middle ground between hardcore and casual so you keep the feeling and keep people happy with sufficient drops, i.e. 1.5x increase

P.S: It is a pleasure to be as civilized as possible because I feel my opinion will be heard much more logically.

I disagree because even with the increased drop rate, you’re not guaranteed to get something. Since the increased drops, me, my wife, and our friend can count the number of legendaries and pearlescents we’ve received in 3 player on one hand. So, no, the drop rates aren’t too high.


Hooray! It’s BL1 again!

Sorry, just being silly :P.

My counter to this would be that quite a lot of shamfleeters either used gibbed or duping to acquire their gear. Because if you remember, the Norfleet is quite the pain in the ass to get legitimately. You either have to tediously farm to spawn a secret boss (who also has a chance to drop customization items instead of the fleet) or farm a raid boss who loves to spam nearly unavoidable novas all the time (and has other items in his legendary pool besides the fleet). And the casual player more than likely won’t be able to do those without help.

This would make it a rate of 4.5%. This honestly still feels like it’s not too much of an improvement. If I had to compromise, I would go for 1.667x (5%) or 2x (6%). That feels like a good balance if a compromise were to be necessary.


What if future patches/hot fixes came with a “Would you like to apply these changes to your game?” option?


Small correction but it is 10% now. The original rate as confirmed by GBX was 1/30 and thus 3.333%. Even 1% can make the difference :3


Its still random. And you still work and grind to get legendarys. They just made it a little easier. I farmed the bunker for over an hour today and he didnt drop anything. I liked the drops in bl2. But alot of people complained and complained. I think new the drop rates are good too. And not to easy to get them. Its perfect actually. Even with the old drop rates ive gotten legendarys alot and only within a few boss kills

As much as I say “I wish other raid bosses would drop legendaries like Terra does”, i.e. every kill, but that would take away the fun for me really. Take this, about ten minutes ago:
Went to the Forest to farm for an OP3 Bee. After several runs, I was getting horrifically bored, but still, I continued, determined to get one.Then, when a Treant finally dropped me that orange shield, I felt totally satisfied. (It was an OP2 Bee, but that’s besides the point. It was also better than my 72 Inflammable.)

Moral is, one drop every time is boring. A couple of drops after a couple of runs is acceptable, for instance, 1 or 2 per every, say, 10-15 runs.

I can imagine how hard it is for Gearbox to decide on drop rates, what with people here, there and everywhere saying “oh, the drop rates are too low/high”.

Regarding the Sham, I was going through a TVHM play through with my Mechro and was surprised to see one drop after killing BNKR during the story. It genuinely is down to luck.


Why do I always get the feeling that when I see a post like this, that people just farm for gear and then not play the game?

You say that had a couple Storm Fronts drop…and now you have nothing to do. I would ask do you still play the game or do you just farm and collect gear?

If you just farm and collect gear, that fine and all, but it seems like you’re just experiencing the inevitable if that’s your end game. Sooner or later you’re going to run out of things to collect. This is just getting you to that point faster.

Speaking as somebody who’s played this game way, way, WAY too much, I’m all for this increase. Farming for gear used to be fun, but at this point it’s beyond tiresome. I like to just play maps, I’ve reset a playthrough and having an increased chance to find loot along the way without save and quit farming is greatly welcomed.


Just to offer a counter point, I’m very happy with the 3x drop increase. I love BL, and also have 800 hours or more between PS3 and Mac. For me, I just spend a bit less time farming and can play some other games and spend some time with the family. I respect your opinion, but I believe that this works better for more people. Also for those of us who play way too much, we can get the cool variants of gear we’ve always wanted. It’s also over 2.5 years since BL2 came out, this makes the game feel fresh and makes me want to play more by giving me a better return on the time I spend.


Spot on. Just got a storm front and nothing to do? Go melt Pete’s face with it. Gotta disagree OP, I love these drop rates. I’ve been playing a siren through uvhm, needed a new hellfire. Got one third try from scorch. Cool, time to move on. Glad it didn’t take 3 hours or whatever.

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I myself think these drop rates are good, ive played for days and weeks before with never a legendary. But now the rates are up, I play more of the game and less farming, and get satisfied to see the orange pop, YAH. But now only if I could get vermi to spawn, just would love to get that just once, (Hint GB, Vermi Spawn weekend) cause I think hes scared of me, 4 player trick and others havnt workd for me, he still hides from me

Personally I think the new drop rates are just about right. For the casual gamers who want to have a bit of fun and use the legendaries, it’s not a huge grind to get the weapon they want. For the more hardcore players who are interested in perfect parts etc. it’s still a hell of a grind to get exactly what you’re after.

I’ll use my requirements for the pimpernell as an example (I know it’s a mission item so not farmed the same way, but the principle still applies). The parts I was looking for had a 1:100 chance of spawning, so say the boss drops are now at 1:10, that would mean that getting the perfect parts would still have been a 1:1000 chance (I think I’m right with this, my maths isn’t always that great). That means that to get a perfect drop it would only be a 0.1% chance of dropping…I don’t know about anybody else, but I think that you would still have a sense of achievement at finding that perfect legendary. Of course this is just my opinion though.

EDIT: Maths was a little off, it was 0.1% not 0.01%

Haven’t done that much farming but I do remember they said something about the hotfix and the increased drop rates last month that “whenever we increased them higher than 3 fold, it seemed to take the fun out of it.” Meaning at one point it was actually higher than 3x. I would also like to point out that multiplying a small number by another number still yields a relatively small number.

Which ultimately means if you have new gear, start using it. It may not be the best, but you can now use it to change up your gameplay. You know, gameplay, the thing that makes the game fun. Got extras? That’s the RNG for you.


I kind of agree. Yesterday I got a pearlescent and 4 legendaries over the course of 7 hours. I think that’s just too much, sort of takes the ‘legendary’ out of a legendary for a lack of a better wording. I think the drop rates shouldn’t be that high for everyone. The only exception should have been bosses that are difficult to farm (like captain Flynt because you spawn so far away from him) or bosses that already had a low chance to drop legendaries (like the Bunker, even with the 3x increase I still didn’t get anything from him after an hour of farming. I agree with the 1.5x increase for other bosses though.

Try the Creature Slaughter Dome- I had him pop up in Round 2 the other day…

As good an idea I think that is I think this would take a lot of meaning and “Wow he must have farmed hours for that kinda thing,” bragging rights, is what I’m saying.

Having the option to change drop rates legitimately would take from that wonder and awe from when you see that dark orange weapon drop.

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Drop rate CHANCE is just a CHANCE. If youre unlucky, you can farm for something even longer than before, its just a random chance thats been increased. And thats a good thing.

I also wonder. I’ve put more than “casual” time into BL2 (2700 hours). Most of that has been taking different characters through all the playthroughs and campaign DLCs multiple times. I have to resort to farming when the game difficulty outstrips the gear I’ve found along the way but I don’t enjoy it. With the drop rates of legendaries at this new level, perhaps I’ll never have to farm again :smile:

If you enjoy collecting guns and want that to be a challenge, I understand your concerns. However, for those of us who enjoy campaign play, the new drop rates are far from game breaking and give us a helping hand through the tougher parts of the game.