Borderlands 2 Epic Store Saves

I downloaded Borderlands 2 on the Epic Store as it was free. I loaded up the game it asked me to change my username as it had illegal characters and asked me to enable-cross platform play so i did both. I clicked new game and it worked normally. I got about 2 hours in a decided to take break so i exited and saved to the main menu, I clicked on continue game to make sure i had saved and i had. Upon booting up the game again the option to continue was gone and my character was missing from the main menu. I shrugged it of as the save file just having been corrupted or something and decide to try again and got about a hour in, i made sure i exited and saved and sure enough continue game was there. So the next day i booted it up and its gone missing again, I tried to link a SHiFt acount but i can’t find my 25 digit code. I (of course) tried googling it but it thinks im talking about Borderlands 3, ive spent the best part of 7 hours just opening the game, saving quiting, save missing and then checking google again

I Checked my friends folders and he had a bunch of folders that didn’t have in the saves game folder, i added them over so the saves would have somewhere to store themselves, but again upon opening the game the option is still there to continue (from my friends save) but the character customisation is missing and all the guns i dropped are back in my inventory

If you’re playing on PC your saves should be going to your Documents/My Games/Borderlands2/willowgame/savedata/##############

Folder. Each time you save that folder should be updated.

The Folder is set to read only, but the saves should not be.

To keep track of the problem I would load up the character you want to use in game, and the save and exit to the title screen. Then delete all the other characters you have no intention of using (which I would assume are files you copied from your friend). Quit the game.

When you go to your saved games folder there should be that one file and its .bak copy. Select and copy then and paste them into a new folder in a totally different directory, like My Downloads, in their own new folder.

Relaunch the game and see if your character is there with the correct date and time of when you last loaded it up.

You shouldn’t need a code to link a shift account. The code entry page on the SHIFT page is for redeeming golden key codes.

In addition to checking that the save files are being created in the correct folder as mentioned above, make sure that the Epic Cloud save system is either turned off or correctly syncing them. Personally, I’d avoid using Epic’s system and maintain my own local backups.

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Try Reinstalling The Game

“Cut my life into pieces…”

I quit the game up and go to check on the save data, the folder with the random string of numbers and letters are there but the folder is empty

I’ve already tried that

That’s troubling. And when you relaunch the game and go to the character select it is empty now? Or is there still a character?

If there is it that implies it’s pulling the save from another location. If no saves are there, then the game is failing to save the characters.

I would try to launch the game while offline (easy to do in steam, I can’t speak for epic). After doing so, create a new character, launch a playthrough (you can do one at level 30 if you want to skip the intro). Then save quit. Check to see if it is in your character select menu with a save time stamp. Quit the game, and check the savedata folder.

If it isn’t there. I would uninstall the game and also delete the Borderlands 2 folder in your My Games folder, and then reinstall so the folder is recreated, and try again.

I know at least one person ran in to an issue where their save games were being redirected to OneDrive, but the game itself was looking to read them from the hard drive when it launched. Might want to check if the file paths have been aliased elsewhere.

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