Borderlands 2: Fight for Sanctuary Maps

Hi all,

I mentioned this in the loot maps thread - but someone suggested I make a separate topic for this.

Since CountKarloff has retired from map making - myself and a colleague thought we’d give it a shot for the new DLC:

Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in them (or locations we’ve missed).

We’re planning on making a couple more (+ doing BL3 once it’s out). So stay tuned! :tada:


Dude, sweet. Thank you. I’m going to link this in the gear thread I started for the DLC gears. Do you think it would be possible to mark the respawning mini bosses, or possibly places like the grave in Dahl Abandon that can drop the M2828 Thumpson? Good works dude. :+1: :pray:


M2828 Thumpson added - thanks for the tip!

I’ll take a look at adding the mini-bosses tomorrow :slight_smile:


Thanks for picking up that torch, they look great!


keep it coming :+1::+1:

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Amazing! Thank you! The maps work great and I’m looking forward to future ones! :slight_smile:

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1 missing white chest near

edit: another missing white chest(Dahl green weapon chest)

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Nice one, thanks for the image! I’ve added them both!

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