Borderlands 2 FPS drops Xbox One

Hello, i have Borderlands The Handsome Collection at my Xbox One S. Version is 1.3.0. The problem i have is framerate drops all over the place. I play with FOV 90.
FPS drops mostly in intense gunfights + some areas like Bloodshot Stronghold when there is a lot of water and further at the Satan’s Suckhole it feels like 15-20 FPS.
There are framerate drops even in some areas at Three Hornes Divide, minor drops at Sanctuary, battles at Tundra Express are quite laggy too.
So i play also at my old pc at medium settings mostly, it drops fps too, but because my pc can’t hold 60 FPS at all, it isn’t so noticeably like at my Xbox One S.
I mean i have 60 FPS mostly when i just roam around, then i go to battle and it drops to 20-25 FPS. Feels bad.
I have Battlefield 1 at my Xbox One S and it has really next gen graphics compared to BL2 and it runs really smooth even when there is a lot of action on the screen. I know it is not 1080p and it has dynamic scaling, but graphics is so much better and there is no FPS drops at all.
I can say the same thing about Wolfenstein The New Order (constant 1080p 60 fps).
It is sad, because Borderlands 2 is so awesome game, i think it is one of the best games all time.
And i thought before buying that it will be perfect performance on Xbox One S.
Looks like the only way to get it is upgrade to Xbox One X.

I want to add some my study to this theme. I just compared performance with my PC. So i figured out that Xbox One FPS is pretty much same with BL2 PC version. And there i thought is 20-25 fps it turned out to be 40-45 fps. I don’t know why, but framerate drops in this game feels very noticeable everytime it goes below 60 fps. Even it pretty rarely goes below 40 fps.