Borderlands 2 freezing 2 times in 10mins

was just standing there leeching off someone and my game froze twice in 10mins, any info on this?

also what happens if i delete my game? i have the disc version but will i lose my heads skins and keys or what do i lose by doing this other than probably 2 hours of my life (thanks ps4 data speed cap)

This is a known problem and a patch is due later this month to fix it :smile:: Freezing on PS4 [Last GBX Response #523] Uninstalling and reinstalling your game makes no difference to your saves since they are stored in the Application Save Data utility under System settings :smile:.

i know i dont lose my save, i’m curious if i lose anything other than the saves by deleting the game data file. i think in the ps3 version some stuff was saved on that i’m not sure.

You won’t lose anything by uninstalling the game then reinstalling it, because no player data is stored in the install on any Platform :smile:.

Idk but I can sure tell you one thing, I’m getting upset and extremely frustrated with the freezing of the game on handsome for ps4 especially in motherless board map you can’t do anything in single player or in multiplayer because all it does is freeze. You have had more then enough time to fix this game since it’s been out for a while. I bought mine digital and my buddy got his on disc and both do same thing, you have no excuse for this issue, get your finger out of your nose and do your job for a game u WAY OVER price! Anyways get your game fix & done A.S.A.P. Because like C.O.D. And anything Rockstar games. Your company and games will be banned on my list of things to never buy again including many other players out there that will do the same. And also I do not care if you think i’m disrespectful on what I say, when u want to enjoy a game that u love since the beginning and bought multiple times across multiple consoles with your hard earn money and you get something incomplete you get pretty angry as well and I was nice enough to correct the foul language but I will not change my message! Thank you!

This problem will be sorted as there’s a patch due sometime this month that will permanantly fix it but you can help yourself in the short term by avoiding Lasers whilst in the known trouble spots, disabling Oz Kit Notifications and having a Side Mission as your active mission. Whilst doing these things won’t eliminate all the freezing problems in TPS, they will alleviate them enough for you to get through the trouble spots and to a decent save point.

You are all free to voice your frustration which is justified.

But there is a fine line between constructive criticism and flat out disrespect.
Please choose words wisely when speaking of your hosts here.
Youre upset. I understand. But that dosnt exempt anyone from the rules.

Thanks again for the patience. I cant imagine how frustrating this may be for some of you.