Borderlands 2 FREEZING on PS3

I come on this forum to find a solution to my problem with Borderlands 2.
Can not play split screen without freezing the game every hour. I have contacted the support 2K and made all their recommendations (delete the database, reset consoles, …) nothing changes. I’ve also seen on other forums that many players have encountered this problem since the last update.
Do you have a solution for me to play this great game?
Otherwise, I encourage all players who have had this problem to post a ticket for 2K or Gearbox support to draw their attention to this concern.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Have a nice week end !

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The problem is the last patch, 1.15. With this patch the game freezes constantly in split screen and there are several points in the game, where it will always crash in splitscreen, e.g. the Slab King video.
Several other people seem to have this problem.

What worked for me: I bought the GOTY Edition, although I already own the digital version. On the addon disc is the patch from June 18, 2013. This works perfect and together with my wife I could play through normal and TVHM without a single freeze.
The only problem: the newer dlcs cannot be used and you have to play offline.

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I have the same problem :frowning: this goty edition is useless… you can play just offline with the “standard” game in split screen…