Borderlands 2 from THC doesn't detect any DLC anymore

(GeekVersusNerd) #21

Out of curiosity @Muskatnuss, are you signed up for the Xbox Preview Program?

(Muskatnuss) #22

I am, one of my XB1Xs I tested this on is enrolled. The other isn’t. Edit : Both run the Pre-Sequel just fine. I was asked to update my agreement with Shift there as well.

(Is this thing on?) #23

Which one is designated as your home console?

(Muskatnuss) #24

The not enrolled one.

(Is this thing on?) #25

But you have the same issue on both consoles, correct?

(Muskatnuss) #26

Indeed, the home console is the one in my library / TV–cinema room, although the one I use most is by my home office desk as it is close to my PC (and easier to stream from for screenshots).

(Is this thing on?) #27

I’d be tempted to try unenrolling that console from the insider program, just in case it’s somehow affecting what shows up as licenced against your GT. Which would be weird, but then nothing about this situation makes any sense anyway.

(Muskatnuss) #28

If I do that I’m pretty certain I can’t enroll back in the tier I am in at the moment.

(Junon) #29

Just replying to this thread because I am encountering pretty much the exact same issue.

I purchased THC just a few hours ago during the winter sale. Prior to this I had played plenty of the BL series on Steam and installed but never really played the backwards compatible 360 version.

Upon starting the Xbox One version of BL2 I was very confused to find I couldn’t create a Mechromancer or Psycho from the start. I’m now down the rabbit hole of support articles and posts trying to figure out what’s going on. I’ll bullet point a few things I’ve already tried and some of my own specific details.

-First off, TPS seems to be fine. I have all 6 classes to choose when I start a new game.
-I did start BL2 while it was still installing. I deleted all local and cloud saves and totally reinstalled the game without starting it early.
-I accepted the Shift terms at the initial popup and in the actual Shift screen. The screen shows that I am signed in and synced to Shift. I was able to input a bunch of codes without issue before I started my first new game and discovered this issue.
-My Shift account was already linked to my Xbox account prior to purchasing THC. Nothing changes if accounts are unlinked, or relinked.
-My Xbox IS enrolled in the insider program at the alpha skip-ahead level.

The insider program seems to be the common link in all of these scenarios. I’m submitting my info in a ticket to 2K, submitting a report via the Xbox UI and adding to that Reddit thread. Really just wanted to post here so you know you’re not alone.

(RobZ) #30

My reddit post was at least good for something and I’m sad but happy to know I wasn’t going crazy. EXACT same issue.

(Is this thing on?) #31

It is indeed looking very much like something released through the insider program is screwing with the DRM/licence on the Handsome Collection. I really hope MS figure out what happened soon, since if that change gets rolled out to everyone in the next update or two…

(Junon) #32

I linked 2k and Xbox support to this thread in my reports so hopefully a little collective effort gets the right folks looking at this!

I also wanted to add another small detail. My Shift Rewards page ( shows a history of all the codes i had put in before noticing the issue and trying to unlink and relink. But in the game, I also don’t have access to any of the heads or skins that came from those codes. Initially, I was able to start a new game with the original 4 characters and choose those customizations, now I only have access to the completely vanilla content.

Weird bug indeed

(Is this thing on?) #33

Might want to update your report with that detail - just reply to the last support email and add in the extra detail above the previous content. Hopefully this gets resolved and you regain full access to all your heads and skins.

(Junon) #34

I’m just bumping this so the greater community can know this issue is still ongoing. And maybe anyone actually from Gearbox catches wind and communicates with a partner… I just want to play the game I bought.

(Is this thing on?) #35

Hey there - GBX do indeed know about this, and have been in contact with MS about it.

All I can say at this point is that anyone who is experiencing the same issue and has not yet filed a support ticket should do so, since the more data available the easier it will be to isolate a root cause.


I’m having the same issue. Also in the Insider Programm (Alpha Ring).

(Is this thing on?) #37

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, please file a support ticket with GBX/2K and also report the issue to MS (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe there is some mechanism for doing that as part of the insiders program?)

The more folks who flag this issue, the more data there is on it, and the more likely it is that it will get resolved.

(dodsonbailen14) #38

Currently in contact with MS about this issue. They know absolutely nothing. I have been exchanging emails with some of their higher ups and it’s getting nowhere. Really sucks that there’s nothing we can do about this and just have to ride it out.

(dodsonbailen14) #39

Update: I unenrolled from the alpha skip ahead program and reset my console (keeping games and apps) and it fixed the issue for me. Other users are reporting this as a fix for them as well.


Thanks for your sacrifice. Sadly, I’m not willing to unenroll from the program just to get some DLC back.