Borderlands 2 from THC doesn't detect any DLC anymore

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Apart from being able to run the full HC-BL2, any other obvious changes with the roll-back? I’m just concerned that if this is a side effect of something in the XBox OS that only Insiders are currently seeing, and it gets rolled out to everyone else, then everyone will end up with the same problem.

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I was previously having an issue with the disc drive reader. 90% of the time I would insert the disc it wouldn’t read and was a nightmare to start the game. Now it works everytime.

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The latest blog post for the Insider program now acknowledges the issue as under investigation. So at least we know it’s got the right eyes on it.

  • We are tracking an issue with Borderlands 2 DLC not being recognized as owned with valid entitlement

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Thank goodness that this issue is being addressed. I am encountering this same problem just last week & tried going through the same process as everyone else (un-installing, resetting console, etc) At this point it looks like the Alpha-preview program could be the culprit?

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Given that everyone who has posted here about it seems to be in the preview program, it sure looks like it.

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Does anyone know if i loaded a save with this bug and my DLC guns dissapeared (i quit the game after) will they be back if i don’t play until they fix the bug as it reappear in my inventory?

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@dodsonbailen14: did you find all your saves intact after backing out of the alpha preview, or were you still missing DLC items?

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Everything was intact. All my weapons that disappeared reappeared

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The Xbox team pushed out an alpha update to address this issue:

I just tested in game and it looks like everything is in order - all characters are available at the new game screen and all of the heads and skins from Shift seem to be there.