Borderlands 2 full playthrough

Anyone want to play BL2 from start to finish? (not all at once obviously)
-can’t rage quit if you die a lot
-must help when killing enemies or fighting bosses, don’t just sit in a corner

-have a mic

I’m on summer break so i’ll be on most days
PSN: UltimateNova434

Yes, I would! I don’t have a mic at present but will get one very soon.

PSN: JokerofHearts88

You don’t need a mic but it would be good to have one, how often do you play?

I’ve started to get back into it now that I havr the Handsome collection - after getting to level 50 when I had it on Xbox! I’ll be playing it all day tomorrow, as much as I can!

I’ll be getting a mic very soon, don’t worry.

Sounds great! If you have any friends who would also like to join in let me know, I want to try and get a 4 player match

I would like to join I have a mic and play a lot

PSN WhiteyMcWhite925

Who will be hosting?

I’m down. I have a level 24 and 42 if you are close to either of those yet. Have mic. PSN axendo

If you can boost me to level 24 I could play. I have a lv 12 psycho.

PSN: Manicuni_