Borderlands 2 game of the year edition add on disc not working on xbox one

I’ve owned BL2 game of the year edition for awhile and when I went to use backwards compatibility I was unable to use the add on disc that comes with GOTYE for xbox one. I cannot install any of the four dlcs packs or any character packs or anything that comes with the GOTYE.

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See this post in an older thread on the same topic:

I would try following those steps to see if you get the full game. As I noted in that thread, the b/c version of BL1 had similar issues when it first launched: if you didn’t trigger the initial install with the DLC disk (instead of the main game disk) then the DLC didn’t always immediately show up in game. It also wouldn’t hurt to do a power reset on your console.

If that still doesn’t work, I would suggest dropping a line to the support crew directly:

Thank you for the suggestion I will try this.

I accidentally fixed it without doing that I simply uninstalled borderlands 2 and installed the add on disc instead right after the add on disc installed it automatically started downloading everything.

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