Borderlands 2 golden keys

I was wondering how to get more golden keys for this game I have 2. I want to get more.

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They’re still making Shift codes for BL2. Just keep watching the Borderlands twitter and facebook accounts and you’ll find some.

Okay, oh Facebook what do I look up. I’ve been searching but want to make sure I have the right one.

It should just be “Borderlands”
It’s a verified page, so you won’t miss it.

Moved, as this isn’t news.

Check this page. It lists all the active golden keys at any given time:

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Another good way is to follow the Borderlands Twitter account and Randy’s Twitter account (@DuvalMagic). Randy tweets code pretty frequently.

Yep that’s where I go when I’m locked out. :slight_smile:

What web site do you guys go to for shift codes for BL2 cause every web site i go to and try to redeem it it no good.

Facebook - Borderlands 2 Shift Codes.

Try here.

You can also get TPS codes on that site.

TPS what is that I think I never heard of that before.

The Pre Sequel.

Oh I played tht and was not impress it was horrible.

I’m also posting keys as they get reported here.

he dude if you have a smart down load the shift code app

Do u have any available shift codes for Xbox 360?

All the codes I have are listed here.

Hey I’m new to shift