Borderlands 2 Grog Nozzle 2017

guys please someone have a grog nozzle op8???:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat: I really want that gun, I needed.
still someone on ps3 / 2017?

Can’t you just get the mission weapon version? And leave the mission open?

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Also, the damage on the Grog is irrelevant. You really don’t need an OP8 version, fyi. Any level will do the exact same thing the OP8 will do. :wink:

I want a real one :sob:
I dreamed about the grog hehe

I can give you one. My online id is BackOffoRDie.


Having a mission constantly open that you can never complete just because you want a gun is irritating to some people (myself included). The parts on the mission locked version always changing can be annoying as well.

All minor issues for anyone this desperate to have one though, I would have thought. Anyway, each to their own.