Borderlands 2 Gun Sync #1

Hopefully the first of many - I recorded everything on my two currently active characters, but there’s still so much more to do!

Quite happy with how this one came out actually. Only a few little hiccups with timing, visuals and whatnot. This song is rather off-beat which proved a bit of a challenge, but it worked, although I was sorely tempted to try doing Nero’s “Doomsday” (the song from the BL2 trailer). Decided not to because I don’t know that song very well.

Some interesting (or not) facts about this video:

  • Recorded using ENB lighting mods plus some modified config files to remove cell shading
  • 240 Kunai thrown
  • 2 orbs of Slag thrown
  • 19 phase-punches
  • 1008 (ish) shots fired (averages to roughly 4 shots per second)
  • 3.5 hours of recording
  • 13 hours of editing
  • 6 times my editing software crashed
  • 4 times my instance of Borderlands crashed
  • 3 times my whole computer crashed (yep, it’s a potato)
  • 1 robot

Hope you enjoyed. Leave me some feedback!


LOL this is different, at first I was like what’s going on but it made me smile once the music set in! I also just realised that reloading a Maliwan launcher sounds like a Yoshi licking something, so there’s that too.

Totally not biased in saying this, but the next one needs more metal :stuck_out_tongue: Subbed!


The music is as far away from my taste as it could be but the video is awesome: great work! Really, I’m laughing as a maniac while watching it :joy:

I join Slif_One in asking for a more rock (metal would be perfect) song next time.


Clappy! :blyoohoo:


I was smiling the entire duration of the video.

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Glad you all enjoyed it. :dukecheese:

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!!! loved it !!!

I got this on loop.