Borderlands 2 (Handsome Collection) Zero' deathmark

So last time i heard, zero’s deathmark skill was fixed to be 80% per mark instead of 20 and there was no stacking with kunai. Just straight up 80%. However, I just bought the handsome collection a week or so ago and my deathmark skill is non stackable and reads “marked targets take 20% additional damage” When I saw this I was a bit surprised and disappointed because (from what Ive seen) GBX as of Nov 2015 fixed this instense nerf. Was there some sort of hotfix I missed or is there something wrong with the save I carried over from ps3 or my game itself?

From the official support pages:

There was more, but I don’t remember all the details. It’s all in the thread dedicated to the October 29, 2015 update though, which should be in the “Handsome Collection: News” sub-forum.

Thanks for the info I just checked out the post about the update and saw all the patch notes so as far as I know no nerf was put in after the fact so there has to be something wrong with my character or maybe I need to apply an update. If you have any other info on others experiencing this and you let me know thatd be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Also as a side note I tried making a new assassin and it still remained at 20%

Do you have a constant internet connection? Anything that is a hotfix must be downloaded whenever you start the game (it’s not saved to disk like an update), so if you aren’t connected to the internet all the time that could be a problem. Otherwise, hopefully one of the Zer0 experts can shed more light on the topic.

when i checked i was not connected so ill be sure to check again thank you