Borderlands 2 Handsome Jack Coll. - PS4 - Motion Sickness

Currently, I can only play the game for about an hour or two before I start to feel sick. Is there any plans to add a FoV slider?

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FOV in game on PS4 is 70. This port in mistake on PS4 and XO. This is remaster? We have this (and more) on PC!

That will be THE day when they have a FoV slider! I’m experiencing a lot of motion sickness along with my friends too. No more than 2 hours and we’re done. My buddies are going to quit playing because of the motion sickness. I never had this while playing on the ps3 but with the fast frame rates it really gets to me. Please add FoV slider! Please!

I am quite sensitive to Motion Sickness but most of the game i can play without problems. Difficult for me are situations where i am forced to look around fast and loos an enemy out of sight and have to search him again. In some areas surveyor bots and shield bots can be very annoying. Two days ago, i tried the endgame in Ultra Vault Hunter mode in singleplayer. That stupid shield bot of Handsome Jack is so annoying and so hard to destroy, i got a really bad overload (i became extreme nausea) and it took more than 24 houres to fully recover from this. Annoyingly that bot is so difficult to hit and so strong, it takes so many shots. :C
I play on XBOX 360