Borderlands 2: Handsome Jack PS4 increased drop rate UVHM?

Guys, does UVHM have increased legendary drop rates than TVHM on PS4?

I was thinking in starting UVHM but really, what’s the point? It’s the same story all over again for the 3rd time. I know there are the raid levels and OP weapons but besides getting weapons according to your character level and harder mobs, is it really worth it?

Also I’ve been trying to get legendary class mods (not the terramorphous) for my Siren and Assassin on TVHM. Does anyone have tips for that?

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UVHM has more sources of legendaries, and some uniques that only appear from certain sources once past level 61. Getting from 50 to 60 can be tough, especially between 55-57 or so, but the game really opens up once you get past that and are able to fill out more of the skill trees.

Check the “100 Ways to Survive UVHM” entry in the BL2 discussion section for plenty of tips and good advice.

Personally, I am enjoying the challenge of getting all the characters to level 72 (three down, three to go). Whether you do OP levels as well is entirely up to you.

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The problem with TVHM is that the missions and areas are set at certain levels. Some missions become available when you’re already way, way past that level, which makes them kinda pointless. But when your level is on par, it’s really well balanced. In UVHM, you’re on par all the time, and those skills you always wish you could spec into are now spec-able.

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