Borderlands 2 HELP black weapons

someone can help me
when i download bd2 on 360 and i open my inventory i see an a black weapons or just shadowed with a little bit of light
i tried reinstalling but dont work

and with dlc is just yellow and black

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There are a couple of possibilities:

  • There’s an odd effect due to dynamic lighting in the game (and the images you see are created directly from the 3D models in-game), which may be made worse by your video settings and screen (brightness, contrast, …) If this is the case, you could try adjusting the video and/or screen settings to see if it makes any difference.

  • Either the game you downloaded, or the save file you opened, were not legitimate but pirated or modified using third party tools. If this is the case, you’re on your own as both things are strictly against the FORUM RULES.

In the event that it’s a fully legitimate copy of the game and adjusting the video settings doesn’t fix the issue, I’d recommend filling a support ticket which you can do here:

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