Borderlands 2 Hot Fixes Rolling Out [Updated 1/25/2016]

I wonder if the geographic location you are at makes a difference? The image link shows it coming through the content delivery network, so maybe you get directed to a different version depending on which server you actually get directed to when your browser attempts to download the image? FWIW I did try the link in two different browsers (Firefox and Safari), but without success.

If someone who can see the link can check to see if they’re getting the same URL as me? I’m seeing (space inserted to prevent the site trying to load the image):

https: //

Same URL.


bring back RR lines please :c

I wanted to say something witty, but I think it’s one of those situation where’s nothing better than a simple “Thank you”.

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Should do.


Here’s how the Unf0reseen looks like now:

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I’m a big believer in “voting with dollars”. This kind of support is contributing to me getting BL3 asap, as well as seeing the movie in the theater.

Thank you, Gearbox.


You guys rock, thank you!

This is AWESOME news.

Time to go back to maya to test a Fox build :smile:

OP8 with slag, a fire bone, and bar with BP at 11/5, I got about 763K.

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This hotfix is great. Not to mention, the patch was released on October 29th, only 11 days ago. After it was released, there were complaints, but GBX listened to them and started working on fixing it immediately. I cannot ask for more from such a wonderful game development company. Lots of respect, Gearbox, and thank you!


More good news on the Maya front. Thnx again.

Awesome Gearbox, you have seriously, seriously just increased my respect for you, which was already at maximum!

Thank you very much!

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Alright yeah, death marks fixed. Basically one shotting OP8 rabid skags unslagged like I used to, thanks again GBX!


I’m so psyched that I bought some head/skin pack that I have no intention of using. I’ve been saving a COM with +6 Blight Phoenix for just this sort of occasion.

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So much awesome.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Oh, and thank you. :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much! I wonder why they didn’t include the change to Maya’s skill in the patch tho cx also thank you for vermi -

Now if its not asking for much, could you increase the tubby spawn rate in single player? Nobody wants to hunt for them anymore and I just started a new character (Gaige). I already have Maya and Salvador BTW.

Never let it be said that Gearbox don’t listen to their fans/players. Thank you Gearbox :smile:


GodDAMN you make me proud. Gearbox, thank you for everything.