Borderlands 2 keeps stopping on main menu

So, I’ve been having this problem for a while. I deleted all my data, and whenever I try to start a new game offline, the menu disappears and I’m stuck with the slow panning environment. Can anyone help?

What happens if you go back on-line - does it work then?

Depends. Just going online with or without patch is the same problem. With the dlc installed as well, it starts the cutscenes, but when it gets to the Characters, it continues to load and load and load forever.

When you said you deleted all your data, did that include the game itself, or just the save data? If the game is stalling out when trying to load in your character list, that suggests that the master profile.bin for the game may be corrupted, which would be bad.

The disc is physical. But, is there a way to fully delete the game from the PS3? That might work…

You should be able to navigate through the system menus to your Games folder and delete from there. I would make sure you back up any save files you want to keep first - pretty sure the PS3 allows you to copy files to a USB. You should be able to find relevant guides on-line for that.

Game data utility? Yeah, I’ve deleted that before, but that didn’t work.

Not sure then. Something is obviously off. The slow panning environment you describe sounds like the game can’t load the default character, but rather is looking for a missing character save file. The fact that in the other mode it gets to Characters and fails seems to support that. IOW, the game appears to be looking for files that aren’t present.

PS3 is not my strong point at all: does it have the equivalent of the 360’s “Clear system cache”? Failing that, there’s always the nuclear option of a factory reset, but you’d want to make sure that all your other game data and saves are properly backed up and can be restored. You might want to file a support ticket before doing that, though, as they may have some tricks you can try that aren’t quite so drastic.