Borderlands 2 legdary drop rates

okay, so i’ve been farming legionaries for a while now, and i’ve found something rather rage inducing. btw, i am playing Salvador on OP5 using x-box 360. ever since a few days ago, every time i farm verm for a norfleet or hyperius for norfleet. i get no legionaries or unique. i took this to reliable drop locations, such as ellie’s garage for tubbies (none spawned after 3 hours) and Snowman DLC, (no legendaries after 3 hours either) each time i kill verm, he drops no legendaries or uniques. lemme know if itr’s just realy bad luck, anyone else having this problem, or if it’s a problem with the OP levels.
thanks for the help

Is your console able to receive hotfixes? The Vermi fix and the drop rate buff (which isn’t exclusive to Legendaries I might add) are hotfixes only so you need a valid internet connection whenever you boot up Borderlands 2.
Tubbies are entirely random so it’s bad luck as is the Train chest. OP levels do not affect anything like that as far as we know.

Well it could be bad luck, but it could also be a result of not getting the current hotfix downloaded. AFAIK the increase to drop rates has not been made part of a permanent patch yet. If for some reason you’re not able to properly connect when your game starts up, you won’t have the X3 rate increase in place. That would make a difference.

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I farmed loot midgets for about 2 hours last night and got 1 relic and a blue adaptive shield to drop.