Borderlands 2 Legendary Gear Lv 50 trade

Hello. PlayStation players.
Since we are all awesome and still playing this unreal game, I am hoping if anyone can hook me up with some gear?
I have JUST hit level 50 ), if there are any players out there with Legendaries/Awesome gear that they no longer have any use for?
User: ryanemcburnie.
I’ll add you, and we can go from there!
Thank you :slight_smile:

I have a lot of legendaries including a class mod. Hit me up, I got a way of getting us both good stuff. :wink:

I was just going to upload a post requesting some trades. I am looking for a couple of items:

  1. DPUH - anywhere between levels 35 and 48
  2. Legendary Commando Class Mod - level 35 or above

For starters I have the following Legendary items to offer:
a) Babymaker SMG (Slag) Lvl 57
b) Beserker Class Mod Lvl 63 (Gunzerker)
c) Psycho Class Mod Lvl 60
d) Assassin Hunter Class Mod Lvl 53
e) Assassin Sniper Class Mod Lvl 68
f) Explosive Fireball Grenade Lvl 49
g) Mechromancer Class Mod Lvl 45
h) Impaler Shield Lvl 50
i) Whisky Tango Foxtrot Shield Lvl 61
j) Punitery Pyrophobia Launcher Lvl 56
k) Siren Class Mod Lvl 61


Thanks for this. A few of the Legendaries have gone. But several are still remaining. What Level is the DPUH? Do you have a spare Conference Call? I’ve now played through the game as 4 different characters but never had a Conference Call (or Norfleet). All of these games have been done solo. The only time previously I have been in co-op has been to defeat Wilhelm in UVHM as Zero and Maya.

I will be playing this evening (Sunday 23rd) and tomorrow (Monday). I am based in the UK so I am not sure what time zone you are in.

I’ve never heard od ‘duping’ can you explain this to me?


I smell bullsh*t