Borderlands 2 Level 50 conference call needed

Does anyone have a level 50 conference call I could trade for? My GT is SixElephant. I got one my first playthrough after beating the warrior and he hasn’t dropped one since, nor any legendaries to be honest.

If your still looking for one later? I can drop my game down to tvhm and farm him . Your welcome to tag along if like to collect any drops.
Gt=ScaryCartoons (xb1) please realise I’m uk time zone, so be 10 hours after writing this post.
Also if I can get the girlfriend off the TV to play tonight​:grinning::grinning:

I’ve got a lvl 50 conference call (Electric) if that’s of any use to you.
GT= Flukemaster95

Just message SixElephant. When I can play again, I’ll respond and we can set a time up. Thanks both of you ^+^

I have 1!! 3 hour later!! . Wow that was grindy. But it’s a normal non element version🖓
Il keep going… and going…

THATS PERFECT! COMPLETELY PERFECT!!! I’ll be on shortly. Just woke up, but I will message you!!