Borderlands 2 Leviathan

!!!XBOX ONE!!! I am level 69 on ultimate vault Hunter mode and can’t defeat the leviathan can anyone help me my gamertag is MtnDrew15 just send me a message on xbox and I’ll get back to you

Can’t help you, but there is a strategy that can get you out of the jam solo.

There’s a cluster of rocks about the mid-point of the arena, near the back (south) wall and facing L. If you get behind these in the right spot, the sand worms won’t spawn and L.'s attacks can’t hit you. It’s then just a question of breaking down each of his critical spots (the blue glowing bits) in turn until he’s down. It can be a bit of a pain, because he does turn from side to side; plus, the final one only makes intermittent appearances. So you’ve got to be quick and accurate. Totally do-able though.

Good luck!

Moved you to the proper section, you should have better luck here

gt: beedub321 message me if u still need help