(Borderlands 2) LF OP8 Explosive Fastball

Hi guys,

I’m working on a very specific build I will post up, and to test the viability of the fastball in the grenade slot for the build on OP8 I’d need an OP8 fastball for it. I have everything else for the 72 and OP8 testing but I’m missing the Explosive Fastball at OP8.

I cannot offer many items in return (I have some stuff at OP8 but very little yet), because I started fresh on PS4 I’m still OP7 and will reach OP8 only tonight if everything goes as planned, but I’d be very grateful if somebody could help out with this nonetheless.


(PSN is BlackPriest_ITA, but you can also post your PSN here and I’ll add you obviously)

I have a slag fastball op8 idk if that helps in anyway
Psn GodofDiscord012

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Thank you a lot for offering to help mate but it needs to be an explosive one for the build, sorry.

I have stuff you might be interested for a explosive build if you want to add me

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I have an explosive fastball at op8. Not sure what I need but add me on psn and reference this trade. Ill be on after work tonight (around 6EST).

PSN is danNYSamber

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@Maven54 @DanNYSamber perfect thank you very much guys!

No prob

Dom has been hooked up. Let me know how the build turns out amigo.

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I will, thanks again Dan. :blush: