Borderlands 2 looks far more superior on PC

Just so you know, I’m not a fanboy. I don’t play on PC, I own an xbox 1 and ps3.

Damn, borderlands 2 with black outlines removed looks amazing. They should have made the handsome collection this way. I hope they make borderlands 3 like this :wink:

That does look really awesome, I’m an Xbox gamer myself, but I’ve always been jealous of the visual mods that PC’s have. GTAIV’s photo realism mod back in the day blew my mind, haha.

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Agreed - personally I like that look (not a huge fan of cell-shading and outlines - I don’t mind it, but I could happily live without it.)

But man, that guy’s voice… had to pretty much mute the audio.

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BL isn’t the same without the black outlines. But they take alot of processing power.

lol, I don’t think that’s his real voice, I believe he does it for humour.

I’m pretty sure it isn’t his real voice too, but it’s not humorous. More like downright annoying!

lol, your first comment on his voice made me laugh so hard, thank you, I needed that.

That does look way better, and yes that guys voice is awful. I saw something about BL1 originally having ‘normal’ graphics, I liked the way that looked too.