Borderlands 2 Loot Storage Extra

I have a suggestion for an update.
I currently have 3 side-charakters reserved only for storing loot that I got on my main accounts. On of them is completely full (biggest upgrades for Bagpack and Safe) with legendary loot and I still have 15 pieces stored else-where.
Another is almost full with E-Tech guns. the third is for other funny weapons like the MOXXI-Guns or the Morningstar.

The point is. Borderlands 2 has so many amazing weapons to collect that I want a special chamber for storage with unlimited space and easy access.
Not the 4-Pieces at the time bullsh*t at claptraps Place.
Make it a Sidequesat to finde it. Make the User Pay the 500 Eridium he can collect to unlock it. Whatever.

Borderlands 2 has 17 Gajillion Guns to find. I love it for that.

Greetings and stay Awesome.


Already mentioned a few times in the “Desires for Borderlands 3” thread, as well as MANY MANY other threads scattered around the forums.


I’m about to start my 37th different mule on my main account- not quite the same thing but still…:sunglasses:


Daaaym. You got lots of stuff!

I wish have a purge server where we drop everything we don’t NEED and let people take what they want.

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Not sure exactly how many I have. (Call me lazy) but i recently hit the characters cap on PS3. Call me old school collector for that one! Something over 30 for sure.


I have no mules and I have enough bank/backpack space to hold the equipment I need for multiple builds on all my characters. There’s no actual need for mules or extra storage space. People just want unlimited space because they can’t let go of stuff or obsessively collect items/weapons and that just isn’t the point of the game. Just stop to think about it… How much of that stuff do you actually use? Either that or they feel it’s necessary to keep an inventory of ready-to-go multiple level stuff for when they’re leveling new characters, which I’d also argue isn’t necessary at all. I wanna make clear that I have no problem with players collecting stuff and creating mules to keep all of it - you can play the game however you like - but people need to stop arguing that the limited storage space is some inherent design flaw that needs to be fixed. It really isn’t.



However Muling is such a long standing tradition in these games I kinda with Gearbox would make an optional near infinite cache.

I am a compulsive hoarder. I might want to try out something so I’ll pull it off a mule, or I may want to randomly give stuff out.


Guilty as charged :grin: I have had various collections over the years of different things- comic books, paperback books, video games & systems, tabletop RPG stuff, collectable cards- once I have an interest in something I’ll occasionally go overboard with it. Besides,a The Killer com that has +6 Headshot, +5 OSOK isn’t with 39% crit bonus isn’t quite the same as a Professional Kill with +6 Ambush, +5 OSOK and a 42% crit bonus- I have to have them both to see which I like better although I have to say I am getting better at just leaving stuff on the ground- unless it’s orange or some shade of pink…