Borderlands 2 Low FPS

Hey there
I have a problem with my Borderlands 2. I have big FPS
drops ingame. I play with two friends and both of them have 60FPS but
not at all better hardware. I found out that only one core of my CPU has
100 percent utilization. The other five has under 20 percent. I dont
know what i have to change. 4 months ago i also played with 60FPS… All
drivers should be up to date. (sorry for my bad english)
My Hardware:
Geforce GTX 960 Gaming
AMD FX-6350

nothing you can do about it, that’s the way the game was designed.

First, clean up your vents, fans and heatsinks! then keep reading.

If your game is maxing out a single CPU core, then first, make sure you’ve activated higher PhysX effects: with your setup, that will actually delegate PhysX effects to your graphics card and free up your CPU. Also, make sure it’s the game’s process that is using up all CPU time.

Second, your CPU is nice and powerful… For threaded tasks. Its single thread performance sucks, and that’s where it bites you. If you’re up to the task, and your motherboard allows you, you may want to shut down a couple cores in your BIOS (freeing up some thermal headroom, making sure you’re not a victim of throttling) and see if you can push the remaining cores a bit over the 3.9GHz point. AFAIK FX parts are multiplier-unlocked, so you simply fiddle with that, otherwise you can raise the reference clock 1-2 MHz at a time (you’re using a 39X multiplier, so a 2MHz increase means a 76MHz CPU frequency increase).