Borderlands 2 - Maya Farming Build

I’ve been thinking about creating a Maya build that I could use in order to farm gear in any area as fast as possible. Clearly the Rough Rider/Breakneck Banshee combo would be optimal. But aside from this what would you guys recommend in terms of gear and skill points? This is my general understanding of how the skill tree would work.

I usually only go 1/5 Fleet. A perfect farming build should get to the destination quickly, but also get the job done quickly. Try this, but move 1-3 points from Accelerate to Fleet?:

Why do you get Inertia and Ward if you were to use a Rough Rider?
I plan this to be soley for farming. I have another Maya that I use all the time, so i’m taking that into account as well.

Are you farming bosses or chests? A Banshee build is great for zipping from one place to another, but a very poor choice for most bosses.

Most likely chests, loot midgets, and trying to accomplish all those annoying challenges you wouldn’t get in a normal play through.
I have other more optimal characters I can use for boss farming.

Because I only use the RR + Banshee while running to fights