Borderlands 2 Missing Shfit rewards

Hello, I have recently noticed that I am missing some rewards from the redeeming of some shift keys, more exactly some customization items. I have tried to talk with 2k support, and they said they can’t do anything about it. I have already tried to unlink and then to relink my shift account to steam but with no results.


i have the same problem :c.

Myeah, I have directly contacted Gearbox software, maybe they can do something about it. Have you tried this as well?

Hate to say it, I think it’s very unlikely that 2K is going to do anything about BL2/1/TPS shift issues. Their ending of providing shift codes for those games, with the last being posted in February of this year, seems to indicate their disinterest in those games, finally.

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Yeah, but still, I understand that these games are quite old now but many of us still encounter certain issues with these codes. There is not the end of the world if I’m not getting those cosmetic items, even if I wanted those, because they are pretty cool. I have contacted Gearbox, maybe they have something to say about it.

This is actually true. While 2K provide support, they don’t have access to SHIFT accounts as those are run by GBX. And the only way to provide access to cosmetic items originally provided by SHIFT code would be to issue a fresh one-time-only SHIFT code or add the reward directly to the SHIFT account - again, only GBX can do that.

What 2K support should probably be doing is forwarding the issue to GBX rather than simply shrugging. But I have never been terribly impressed with 2K support in all the mumble years I’ve been playing GBX games.

They simply said that they can’t help me with my issue. They didn’t say that they will pass this problem to Gearbox and I took matters into my own hands and as I said above I have contacted Gearbox directly to see if they have any clue about my problem.

Contact Shift support.

Already did that, do you have any idea how long will take to get a response?
Since this is my first time contacting them.

No idea, last time i needed Shift help was after Handsome Collection release. I guess 24-48 hours. Estimated time should be in return email.

I see. I have a question, I have some codes that activated some skins for Dragon Keep DLC, are those skins available in the base game, or those particular skins are only available in that particular DLC? Because I’m missing those as well, or I’m not sure, maybe I’m not seeing them because they are not available in the base game.

If you mean DLC4 “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep” and not the stand-alone version sold as its own game, then those cosmetics should indeed be available in BL2.

These are the ones for BL2, as copy/pasted from my rewards history on SHiFT - note the requirement to own the DLC, which you should do if you bought the Handsome Collection.

Yes, I bought the Handsome Collection, I have almost everything, besides Fight for Sanctuary DLC.

Then as long as you’ve redeemed the codes, the items should show up as unlockable cosmetics in your backpack and, once unlocked, as options in the QuickChange menu for the relevant characters.

They don’t sadly, waiting for a response from Gearbox. The weird thing is, some customizations are where they should be and work as intended and some are simply missing, even if the key was already activated.

Make sure you used a code for BL2 and not for AoDK standalone.

It was for BL2, when I introduced the code I was prompted to activate the code for BL2.

if they tell you something, please let us know <3

Sure thing, no reply yet.

Which code did you used btw? Do you have the rewards listed in rewards history in Shift?