Borderlands 2 Multiplayer/Co-op

Hey Everyone!

I’m just looking for some people to play Borderlands 2 with. I have a level 56 siren and I’m getting bored with playing alone :stuck_out_tongue: And I can never find people in matchmaking.
Please add me if you’re interested!

GT: PerfectlyPsycho

Thanks guys,

not at my xbone right now, but add MrPiano Jimmy if you want

GT: Hal0fr34km4st3r
Need friends too, feel free to add me :grin:

I’m a lvl 45 is it ok if I play without a mic because I don’t have one right now sorry

Hey add silence27trey and let me know asap if you are willing to start from scratch or at leas teh story mode.

I’m a level 51 assassin, add me if you’d like.

GT: Ragegamer83010

Level 58 gunzerker, ultimate vaulthunter mode XB1.

Gt: SmugSoviet