Borderlands 2 multiplayer crash after the latest update anyway to fix it ?!

Hello guys,

The Borderlands 2 was utterly working on Singleplayer, but whenever I host or join a random lobby, the game keeps crashing after some minutes or after 1 hour.

I verified the game files from steam, and it did nothing; it just keeps crashing over and over again.

There is no problem like that before AFTER the Borderlands 3/Shıft update to the


*BL-The-Pre sequel

The Game started crashing in multiplayer.

English is not my first language so sorry for any Grammar mistakes :slight_smile:

Thank you.

NOTE: I searched similar topics like that, but cant be able to find fixes


****** And also ı did these but didn’t help it all***

I have same issues as you but it even happens when I’m playing solo single-player could you tell me your PC specs? As I suspect it could be caused by RTX cards because old games like BL2 doesn’t seem to support them well.