Borderlands 2. Need Advice Regarding Power Leveling!

I played Axton long time ago on the xbox 360 but now I am on the PS4. Currently I have a Krieg level 51 and wanna change to Axton to play with my lil bro, who is level 51.

We just killed the warrior in tvhm. He have the bee shield. Can he actually power level me? Please advice!

If your brother repeats the Warrior fight, you can park your Axton at the spawn location (the one-way fast travel), then reap tons of XP and eridium. You’ll need to burn through NVHM and TVHM if you ever want to do anything solo with your new Axton, but that should be no problem.

I’d suggest starting your Axton at least as far as Liar’s Berg (vending machines!) first though. You could also by player one, and have your brother blast through the story missions with you, which would give you a chance to get reacquainted with Axton.

Yeah my bro just boosted me from lv1 to lv 19 today! Oh why go to that vending machine? Thanks for the advice btw!:slight_smile:

I was just thinking that it’s a good spot to stop and switch to your brother’s game. I always like to take my first character in BL2 or TPS at least as far as the first fast travel station, but better if it’s some place with a vending machine. If you join another game, then relaunch your own where you haven’t got as far in the story, you’ll spawn at the last location you completed. (Hope that makes sense - still not fully awake yet!)

Nah it makes sense! Haha. Leveling very slowly right now. Need to kill warrior twice to level up once!

It gets slower as you level closer, obviously. You get most points for completing missions and side quests, so one way to get more XP would be to co-op some of the arenas in NVHM/TVHM (Creature Slaughter, Fink’s, Ore Chasm, plus Torgue DLC Bar Room Brawl tier 3).

The arenas give way more exp than the Warrior? Right now I get 20000+ exp from the warrior. I will go try the arena tmrw! Tried it long time ago but struggled a bit haha!

Don’t know about total, but there’s a ton of enemies to fight through and then you get the XP for turning in each round. Downside is that you don’t get as much eridium, so you don’t max out your storage as quickly. Pete’s Bar tier 3 is the usual go-to for power-levelling, but it’s nice to have options and variation.

This, it’s what I use pl’ing people on Xbox 1, but he may have problems as the third tier round is level 50 even in NVHM (just tried a couple toons on it the other night, so yes it is)

a few others to farm for XP;
Ancient Dragons (5 rounds almost max Eridium)
Magic Slaughter dome in Flamerock (Badass round is repeatable)

You pl people by farming Pete’s bar tier 3 at NVHM?

Yeah bunker is not bad but his drops are really bad compared to Warrior I feel. What is your most prefered option?

Thanks for the input btw!

mainly myself in NVHM and mostly just to see how long a level 29 - 39 toon will survive tier 3 and how much damage it can deal. But yes, it can be used for PL’ing people from 1 to 50, higher then that though is just not feasible due to dwindling XP amounts the higher you go.
Mostly if I power level others, I jump into an OP 8 toon and run the Bar at OP 8

My preferred is whatever gives the most XP the quickest, which for me I believe is the BarRoom, I can clear it in about a minute, averaging about 1 round every 1½ minutes.

best method find someone on PS4 to level you up to your Brothers level

I agree on the drops (he’s very stingy about his drops), but he is a quick kill for XP farming and as VaultHunte101 says “it’s nice to have options and variation”

doing all DLC’s (or most) in NVHM is also an option to catch up to his Level

Ok I guess I have to find an OP 8 guy then! I hope I am lucky enough!

Haha so true! Me and my bro had to switch to playing dlcs after killing warrior so many times.

Hey man, I could take u and ur bro through uvhm with me and farm the warrior on op8 if u want. Btw my psn is Panthers1102, just send me a friend request and I’ll do it

I could also do the bar but idk if I have it unlocked yet

Omg thanks a million! I’ll add ya right now!

Thanks @VaultHunter101 and @LunaticOne for the tips too!

Hey, you think you could do the same for me? I’d really appreciate it.

Just send a friend request and state that your from the forums and I would be glad to try and help. My psn is same as here

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My psn is ilovealex88, I’ve completed standard mode and TVHM, gonna start UVHM in a couple of days and was wondering if you could PL me to lvl 80 and drop Assault Rifle, Smg, Pistol and Sniper rifle level specific weapons and Eridium please so I can upgrade my stock ammo capacity??