Borderlands 2 New Ending Help? (spoilers)

Hey, so its been a long time since i’ve posted but obviously the hype and the new dlc has gotten me back.
This is gonna contain spoilers for all BL games so be warned.

Ok so sorry if this has been posted, didn’t see it in the past couple dozen posts so I wanna talk about it and see if i can get answers cause idk whats what. I’ve been complaining to all my friends about how confused I am about the new lvl cap, OP8, but sadly no one i know plays it as much as i do/did.
First of all i didn’t play the Tales game, i should i own it, but i haven’t so if these questions are answered there just let me know.
First thing that bothered me was scooter dying? The wiki cleared this up for me but i was so confused, i thought he died in the attack and i just missed it, so I know he died in the Tales game now but i was just kinda freaked out throughout the story, for those that played the Tales game im sure it was a great touch lol.

Now, where tf is Athena? Or her godlike eridian savior?
Again, maybe thats explained in Tales and please let me know if it is i really just want this cleared up for me so i can understand whats up, maybe i should just not post in the forums and play the Tales game first but…ehh im lazy.

My only real problem with the lack of Athena is the whole “Sactuary blew up and she’s never mentioned” thing, cause clearly the new ending is up to date as the latest entry (plot wise) and, just after finishing the main story, im a little confused.

There are a couple smaller things, but I really just wanna know if this is something i can get a bit of a talk/explanation with or if i should shut up and just play the Tales game lol

she is also missing in Borderlands 3 (vanilla), hope she is in some DLC.

Check discussions here for further information, if any.

maybe some of us know the answer on the smaller things, so just shoot.


Most of the smaller stuff is about Dahl tbh, plus a little Tannis, and how the…AI? of the plant scientist guy will go on.
Eh, Thanks for the response though, I’ll read up some BL3 discussions and I think Gearbox is gonna just like…Soft Rewrite the Presequel, take some parts and leave some parts lol.
After all Athena was set up as a Big piece of the borderlands puzzle going forward, maybe they just felt they had enough and dont wanna worry about dealing with her.
Cause lilith was clearly VERY established as the leader when ordering Athena’s execution against brick and morticais wishes, and sanctuary was still standing…
So I’m just gonna see where the series goes and assume some soft rewriting is gonna happen where the presequel is concerned lol.

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In Tales Athena was living with Springs but going on rogue vault hunting missions against Springs will because old habits die hard. They had a bit of a falling out in there and I don’t know how it resolved in the end (maybe if I had picked those 2 at a certain point in the story it would have told me).

As for the Sanctuary still standing, FFS happens after both Pre-Sequel execution scene and Tales. You can find an ECHO in Backburner where Brick basically gives Lilith the finger for how she handled the situation in TPS intro/outro.

Even without the Tales content, can you imagine Athena wanting to stick around after Lilith tried to have her executed (TPS final cut scene)? No, didn’t think so!