Borderlands 2 no sound glitch is still up?

So it’s been a while I touched Borderlands 2 , the last time I played the game was in 2018 with some friends, (but the topic goes way back more than that) of course I still didnt had fixed the infamous “no sound”. If you don’t know what is the “no sound” glitch let me just review it for you.

The “no sound” bug whatever you wanna call it , is a bug where after you launch the game or something happended during the game the sound will just completely shut, No music, no gunfire , no screaming, nothing. The only time you would hear sound is when you would start up the game and click “Play” and when 2K logo appeared there was no sound. People complained about when they found it and there were fixes and some people were happy other people whose fixes didnt actually fix the sound got mad.
Now the “no sound” bug hitted me before 2018 I believe in 2015 or 2016 and after it hitted me and tried to fix it I just gave up but now I returned back to Borderlands 2 to play again start a new fresh playthrough but the “no sound” bug is still here and I hate it unable to hear anything only the music from the main menu before the 2k logo.

My question is simple: Is there a fix to this infamous bug? if there is leave it here and I will check and try, if there are still people with this glitch who tried to fix it and failed, well, is a second chance for redemption.

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Is this on PC or console?

forgot to say but its on PC

OK moved you to the right spot. I’ve seen several different ‘fixes’ listed in this section which may or may not apply to your situation - between OS versions, drivers, hardware, and 3rd party stuff, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully one of the PC regulars can help out. Meantime, I would suggest getting back to as close to a vanilla install as possible (disable any 3rd party chat/video capture stuff, revert to the default config file if you changed it at all, only launch the game, etc.) If you get the sound back that way, you can start adding your usual stuff back in one at a time.

will do

No in-game audio I have been reading this post now and the person who writen this post said that he could have been AV or his audio program. I dont believe its AV as I whitelited BL2 folder to Malwarebytes and still the same so I thought about the audio program and did some background research. Sonic Studio III came with his computer, my computer came with Nahimic 2+ a audio program and audio driver, I dont know if they are related and probably wont try since Nahimic 2+ is a audio driver afterall

As of Right now , I dont know how to fix this but I will keep searching for an anwser and way to fix this bug

Took a quick look at the product page for that, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was interfering with the BL2 in-game audio. So unless you have some exotic audio card in your system that requires it, I would try just running with the standard OS audio drivers just to see.

You could also file a support ticket and see if the crew there know anything about this product: