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What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?
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Super! Very nice, man/woman. Very nice!

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Thanks. Just transferred this thread from old GBX forum.

Enjoy :grinning:


Thumbs all the way up.


Fantastic job!

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good Job! thanks for spending ya time to help us all this way

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this had 2 take along time 2 do​:+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Did I tell you what a fantastic job this is when you posted the beginnings of it at the old forum?

This is a fantastic job.


(Apparently I got a Clappy avatar as a default. Not sure what to think about that.Oh well.
Fantastic job, minion! )

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Great to see them here. Top stuff.

Excellent stuff! Alot of time and effort went into this and it’s appreciated! Thank you :+1::+1::+1:

Thanks and eternal gratitude for all your hard work on these! I need to find a way to print all these out, haha. Even as an owner of the strategy guide, this is obviously more complete (and lacks the issue of the pages staying open due to a spine in the center.)

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Hey, thanks for the great work. How about a combined downloadable file?

Awesome work for the new gamers.

Really, really good.

Thanks :slight_smile: . Actually that was one of my primary motivations on beginning work on BL maps. Glad if they prove to be helpful.

I found your maps today and I think they are exquisite! I was looking for maps of the locations, because I’d like to do a detailed world map based on the pre-order box’s map and to have the avarage enemy levels on it maybe.

May I use your maps for my project? I’d like to post it to the BL2 subreddit only, and of course you’d be creditted and this page will be linked if it’s okay with you.

Hi there. Sounds interesting. Sure, go ahead. Thanks for asking :+1:


Thanks! It’s gonna take some time. At least the data collecting part about the levels.

Yes, sorry it’s a bit late but thank you very much for what must have taken considerable time and effort on your
Very helpful.


Very nice!!

Hi all!
Uploaded two map updates:

1) 26 Opprtunity v1.3 (map 26) - Added yellow Hyperion locker
2) Pyro Pete's Bar v1.3 (DLC2 Map 04) - Added grey locker

Unfortunately Pyro Pete locker was reported to oldforums thread, and for some reason can’t scroll to later pages there. So can’t find (and credit) person who gave the info :worried: