Borderlands 2 O.T.D.H. Loot Maps

*** Maintenance ended 15 JUNE 2019 ***

*** Last update 13 JULY 2018 ***


Hi’ya all!

Primary work have now been completed, as maps for Borderlands 2 main game, five main DLC’s (Scarlett, Torgue, Hammerlock, Tiny Tina, Digistruct Peak), Creature Dome DLC and Head Hunter packs have been released. This project is similar as my work onBorderlands 1 and Borderlands: Pre-Sequel. These BL2 maps include weapon chests, collectibles/challenges, some interesting easter eggs and notable enemy drops (skin/head and weapons from unique rare up).

If you spot something missing/inaccurate you are warmly welcomed to contribute. Just let me know the details. I’ll credit you and add them on next version. More accurate info description, faster I’ll be able to verify it. Especially I’d like to get info on DLC chests, as those seem to be missing most info. Remember that maps concentrate on dedicated drops that have realistic possibility (more or less :wink:). Note that most bosses/trash cans/bone piles can drop almost any legendaries (e.g. “world drops”, occurance chance being around 1:1000). These will not be included on maps.

Note that final maps obviously do contain information that might be viewed as spoilers revealing enemy names, locations and such.

All chests on these maps have been looted and verified by author. So far all chests that I have located are also lootable (excluding that one at Hunter’s Grotto/Hammerlock DLC, which seems to require some amount of trickery to reach). Some more puzzle to reach than others, but fret not, there’s a way to each.

Please do not copy/appropriate any info on these maps without authors consent.
Because that would be stealing. And stealing is wrong!
[Captain Scarlett]

Content is posted by CountKarloff only to Gearbox forum.

Enjoy! :smile:

Example image:

Release history:
13.7.2018: Flamerock Refuge v2.6 (DLC4 map 2) (added Butt Stallion’s location)
2.3.2018: Digistruckt Peak and Headhunter 1-5 maps, v2.5
1.3.2018: DLC 4 (Tiny Tina) maps 00-10, v2.5
27.2.2018: DLC 3 (Hammerlock) maps 00-05, v2.5
25.2.2018: DLC 2 (Torgue) maps 00-06, v2.5
24.2.2018: Maps 29-36 & DLC 1 (Scarlett) Maps 01-07, v2.5
23.2.2018: Maps 15-28, v2.5
22.2.2018: Maps 00-14, v2.5
20.11.2017: 9 updated maps for DLC (added missing challenge and mission markers)
13.11.2017: 16 updated maps for main game (added missing challenge and mission markers)
21.9.2017: DLC3 Random Locations v2.1 (Omnd-Omnd-Ohk loot)
1.8.2017: Winged Storm v2.1 (DLC4 map 10) (typo fix)
31.7.2017: DLC 2, 3 & 4 Random Locations maps v2.0
29.7.2017: Main game Random Locations map v2.0
3.7.2017: DLC4 Tiny Tina maps 03 and 09 v2.1 (added two missing weapon icons)
28.5.2017: Updates on 11 maps (Digistuct maps v2.0 and maps with eridium entry fees v2.1)
21.5.2017: Santuary I v2.1 (added Michael Mamaril spawn locations)
8.3.2017: Headhunter maps v2.0 (HH 1-5)
2.3.2017: Washburne Refinery v2.1 (DLC1, added missing Hyperius drop)
2.3.2017: Hatred’s Shadow v2.1 (DLC4, added missing Handsome Dragon drop)
23.2.2017: DLC 4 Tiny Tina maps 01-10 v2.0
19.2.2017: DLC 3 Hammerlock maps 01-05 v2.0
12.2.2017: DLC 2 Torgue maps 01-06 v2.0
8.2.2017: DLC 1 Scarlett maps 01-07 v2.0
2.2.2017: Main game maps 1-36 v2.0
7.1.2017: Lair of Infinite Agony v1.2
17.10.2016: Rotgut Distillery v1.1
1.10.2016: Hayter’s Folly v1.3, Skylla’s Grove v1.1 and Crandlerakk’s Crag v1.2
6.12.2015: Wildlife Exploitation Preserve v1.3
23.11.2015: Lynchwood v1.5
21.11.2015: Three Horns - Divide v1.3 and HH5 Wam Bam Island v1.1
5.7.2015: Opportunity v1.3 and Pyro Pete’s Bar v1.3
12.9.2014: Head Hunter Packs 1-5 completed
10.9.2014: Further drop corrections on multiple maps (18 total)
7.9.2014: Random locations v1.2
5.9.2014: Bloodshot Stronghold v1.3 (more efficient sequence for luring Flinter)
5.9.2014: Dragon Keep v1.1 (DLC4, added missing Handsome Sorcerer drops)
3.9.2014: Natural Selection Annex completed
1.9.2014: Digistruct Peak completed
30.8.2014: Drop corrections on multiple maps (12 total)
27.8.2014: Random location loot maps (main game, DLC2, DLC3, DLC4 and Upgrade Packs 1&2)
26.8.2014: Tiny Tina DLC4 completed
25.8.2014: Three Horns - Valley and Lynchwood v1.3 (2 missing chests added)
22.8.2014: Hammerlock DLC3 completed
18.8.2014: Torgue DLC2 completed
16.8.2014: Scarlett DLC1 completed
13.8.2014: Maps 01-35 v1.2 (all maps: new chest icons and known edits)
12.8.2014: Maps 25-35 v1.0
12.8.2014: Main game completed
8.8.2014: Maps 02, 06-08 and 10-12 v1.1 (added red chest icons plus some misc. edits)
7.8.2014: Southern Shelf - Bay and Three Horns - Divide v1.1 (missing outhouse added and icons for red chests)
7.8.2014: The Dust v1.1 (added Gwen’s Head locations and icons for red chests)
7.8.2014: Maps 13-24 v1.0
5.8.2014: Maps 01-12 v1.0

Special thanks to:
Ice Car for providing the first inspiration for this work - BL2 and notably BL1 (at old Gearbox forums, closed 30.6.2017).
Zoo for detailed Borderlands 2 loot pool spreadsheets.

Thanks to:
@tyakyh Suggesting addition of Butt Stallion’s location, Three Horns - Valley and Lynchwood (missing chests) / Bloodshot Stronghold (Flinter) and Dragon Keep (DLC4 Handsome Sorcerer heads).
@3298 Multiple typos.
@Bringoutyerded Suggesting color vision deficiency friendly challenge icons.
@VaultHunter101 Great support and multiple improvement suggestions.
@rja Omnd-Omnd-Ohk loot confirmation.
@kacsaminator Two missing weapon icons in DLC4 Tiny Tina maps.
@alex_pecore Two missing pieces of loot (Hyperius and Handsome Dragon).
@Frightning - Crandlerakk’s Crag: missing red chest.
@x_mj13_x - Hayter’s Folly: Fix for double marked Gunerang drop (> Pitchfork).
@Trajforce - Skylla’s Grove: Son of Mothrakk drops added for Rakkaroth / Rotgut Distillery: Pot O’ Gold added.
Ghost_Prototype Two missing chest (Pyro Pete Bar and Lynchwood) / extra slag cylinder (WEP).
BTK420247 Reminding that 29.10.2015 BL2 patch fixed Boll/Fastball drop.
brak3000 Fix for wording on [HH5] Sparky Flynt’s Captain Flynt drops.
BlackHeartV Vault of the Warrior: Note that Warrior drops also Geary’s heads.
TheRAbbi The Dust: Note on Gwen’s Head multiple pickup locations.
Einblinr38 Three Horns - Divide: Savage Lee’s and Eridium Blight: King Mong’s 2nd spawn areas.
zoo For kind permission to use BL2 loot pool info / Three Horns - Divide: Note on Boll still being broken (before 29.10.2015 patch).
Spike_123321 Idea of separate icon for red chests / Southern Shelf - Bay and Three Horns - Divide (missing chests).

Map links:

All main game and DLC maps Version 2.5 unless otherwise stated.
Last update(s) = :fire:

(Total downloads 22.2.2018)
00 Random locations (10,8k) - 22.2.2018
01 Windshear Waste (30,4k) - 22.2.2018
02 Southern Shelf (18,7k) - 22.2.2018
03 Southern Shelf - Bay (9,4k) - 22.2.2018
04 Three Horns - Divide (12,5k) - 22.2.2018
05 Sanctuary I (9,0k) - 22.2.2018
06 Three Horns - Valley (9,4k) - 22.2.2018
07 Southpaw Steam & Power (6,9k) - 22.2.2018
08 Frostburn Canyon (9,3k) - 22.2.2018
09 The Dust (15,0k) - 22.2.2018
10 Bloodshot Stronghold (8,1k) - 22.2.2018
11 Bloodshot Ramparts (6,9k) - 22.2.2018
12 Friendship Gulag (6,2k) - 22.2.2018
13 Tundra Express (8,6k) - 22.2.2018
14 End of the Line (5,8k) - 22.2.2018
15 The Fridge (8,4k) - 23.2.2018
16 Fink’s Slaughterhouse (5,7k) - 23.2.2018
17 The Highlands - Outwash (9,4k) - 23.2.2018
18 The Highlands (7,9k) - 23.2.2018
19 The Holy Spirits (4,6k) - 23.2.2018
20 Sanctuary II (Air) (6,0k) - 23.2.2018
21 Sanctuary Hole (5,9k) - 23.2.2018
22 Caustic Caverns (8,6k)- 23.2.2018
23 Wildlife Exploitation Preserve (9,6k) - 23.2.2018
24 Thousand Cuts (9,2k) - 23.2.2018
25 Lynchwood (9,9k) - 23.2.2018
26 Opportunity (7,7k) - 23.2.2018
27 The Bunker (7,2k) - 23.2.2018 (includes Control Core Angel and Marcus Munitions Storeroom)
28 Eridium Blight (8,3k) - 23.2.2018
29 Ore Chasm (8,0k) - 24.2.2018
30 Sawtooth Cauldron (7,3k) - 24.2.2018
31 Arid Nexus - Boneyard (6,6k) - 24.2.2018
32 Arid Nexus - Badlands (6,8k) - 24.2.2018
33 Hero’s Pass (6,4k) - 24.2.2018
34 Vault of the Warrior (9,2k) - 24.2.2018
35 Terramorphous Peak (5,5k) - 24.2.2018
36 Natural Selection Annex (5,4k) - 24.2.2018


01 Oasis (6,7k) - 24.2.2018
02 Wurmwater (5,7k) - 24.2.2018
03 Hayter’s Folly (4,5k) - 24.2.2018
04 The Rustyards (5,4k) - 24.2.2018
05 Washburne Refinery (4,7k) - 24.2.2018
06 Magnys Lighthouse (4,4k) - 24.2.2018
07 Leviathan’s Lair (4,8k) - 24.2.2018


00 Random locations (3,9k) - 24.2.2018
01 Badass Crater of Badassitude (4,3k) - 24.2.2018 (includes Badass Crater Bar)
02 Torgue Arena (4,1k) - 24.2.2018
03 The Beatdown (3,8k) - 24.2.2018
04 Pyro Pete’s Bar (4,4k) - 24.2.2018
05 Southern Raceway (3,9k) - 24.2.2018
06 The Forge (3,7k) - 24.2.2018


00 Random locations (3,3k) - 27.2.2018
01 Hunter’s Grotto (5,4k) - 27.2.2018
02 Scylla’s Grove (3,8k) - 27.2.2018
03 Ardorton Station (3,6k) - 27.2.2018
04 Candlerakk’s Crag (4,7k) - 27.2.2018
05 H.S.S. Terminus (4,6k) - 27.2.2018


00 Random locations (3,8k) - 1.3.2018
01 Unassuming Docks (4,8k) - 1.3.2018
02 Flamerock Refuge (4,5k) - 13.7.2018 :fire:
03 The Forest (4,6k) - 1.3.2018
04 Immortal Woods (4,2k) - 1.3.2018
05 Mines of Avarice (4,3k) - 1.3.2018
06 Hatred’s Shadow (4,0k) - 1.3.2018
07 Lair of Infinite Agony (4,5k) - 1.3.2018
08 Dragon Keep (5,4k) - 1.3.2018
09 Murderlin’s Temple (3,7k) - 1.3.2018
10 The Winged Storm (4,5k) - 1.3.2018


01 Digistruct Peak 1, Normal Mode & TVHM (0,4k) - 2.3.2018
01 Digistruct Peak 2, OP1-OP2 (5,1k) - 2.3.2018
01 Digistruct Peak 3, OP3-OP4 (3,6k) - 2.3.2018
01 Digistruct Peak 4, OP5-OP8 (4,9k) - 2.3.2018


HH1 T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest (5,1k) - 2.3.2018
HH2 The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler (3,8k) - 2.3.2018
HH3 How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day (4,7k) - 2.3.2018
HH4 Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre (4,4k) - 2.3.2018
HH5 Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax (2,9k) - 2.3.2018

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Super! Very nice, man/woman. Very nice!

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Thanks. Just transferred this thread from old GBX forum.

Enjoy :grinning:


Thumbs all the way up.


Fantastic job!

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good Job! thanks for spending ya time to help us all this way

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this had 2 take along time 2 do​:+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Did I tell you what a fantastic job this is when you posted the beginnings of it at the old forum?

This is a fantastic job.


(Apparently I got a Clappy avatar as a default. Not sure what to think about that.Oh well.
Fantastic job, minion! )

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Great to see them here. Top stuff.

Excellent stuff! Alot of time and effort went into this and it’s appreciated! Thank you :+1::+1::+1:

Thanks and eternal gratitude for all your hard work on these! I need to find a way to print all these out, haha. Even as an owner of the strategy guide, this is obviously more complete (and lacks the issue of the pages staying open due to a spine in the center.)

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Hey, thanks for the great work. How about a combined downloadable file?

Awesome work for the new gamers.

Really, really good.

Thanks :slight_smile: . Actually that was one of my primary motivations on beginning work on BL maps. Glad if they prove to be helpful.

I found your maps today and I think they are exquisite! I was looking for maps of the locations, because I’d like to do a detailed world map based on the pre-order box’s map and to have the avarage enemy levels on it maybe.

May I use your maps for my project? I’d like to post it to the BL2 subreddit only, and of course you’d be creditted and this page will be linked if it’s okay with you.

Hi there. Sounds interesting. Sure, go ahead. Thanks for asking :+1:


Thanks! It’s gonna take some time. At least the data collecting part about the levels.

Yes, sorry it’s a bit late but thank you very much for what must have taken considerable time and effort on your
Very helpful.


Very nice!!

Hi all!
Uploaded two map updates:

1) 26 Opprtunity v1.3 (map 26) - Added yellow Hyperion locker
2) Pyro Pete's Bar v1.3 (DLC2 Map 04) - Added grey locker

Unfortunately Pyro Pete locker was reported to oldforums thread, and for some reason can’t scroll to later pages there. So can’t find (and credit) person who gave the info :worried: