Borderlands 2 O.T.D.H. Loot Maps


Nice work! But can you create something like a PDF with all this pics? It would be great.


(Ricky2010) #23

l put it in five borderland 2 groups and everyone love it great work on facebook and alot of good feed back thank you

(Brak3000) #25

These are fantastic! But! I randomly chose a map (Cramerax) and found a minor mistake: The "Capt. Flynt Heads" that Sparky Flynt drops are actually just skins. But cheers! I love these!

(Skylark95) #26

@CountKarloff These maps are great. Thanks for all your work. I've been looking for an easier way to browse the maps than just the links on this page so I've created a web application to search them. I won't share the link unless you ok it as it looks like it may be your intent just to keep the maps here. If interested let me know.

(Count Karloff) #27

Thank you :smile:

You are correct, I have not at present time any intention to breach out from these cosy and friendly GBX forums, both BL2 and TPS. Past bad experiences, you see. But thanks for your offer.

(Skylark95) #28

Gotcha, thanks for the maps!

(King of the Loot Midgets) #29

Found an undocumented red chest! And it's a doozy...hoo boy.

Sawtooth Cauldron. Halfway up the elevator shaft.

You can just see the telltale oval shape.

EDIT: Never mind, I didn't see it on the map but it was off to the side with a line pointing in. Damn. Thought I;d found something new.

(The quick and the dead) #30

I too found this one awhile back (forgot which character, but it wasn't my first time through there). I managed to notice it's presence on the map though.

(Count Karloff) #31

Yes, indeed this chest is already on maps (same shaft that contains Vault Mark). This map is probably most confusing one, as there's three elevation layers on top of each other.

Still, there's chests yet to find for sure, so keep your eye out (for both games).


Why have I never looked at this, It's got everything!
Also I noticed it still says the Fastball drop is broken. Not sure if that's something you intend to fix or not but there you have it.

Great job on everything. It looks like I have some collecting to do.

(Count Karloff) #33

Ah, you are correct, October 29th patch, right? It will be fixed on maps tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up :smile:

(Count Karloff) #34

Posted updates for two maps:

1) Three Horns - Divide v1.2 - Updated Boll/Fastball drop info as per 29.10.2015 patch
2) HH5 Wam Bam Island - Corrected headers wording on Sparky Flynt's drop

Enjoy :grinning:

(Count Karloff) #35

Thanks, corrected that :+1:

(Ghost_Prototype) #36

It was me. Coincidentally, I was forced to get a new username for this forum due to the 16 character limit so it was for the best that I went uncredited before. :sunglasses:

I've got another outhouse for you. At the south-eastern corner of the south-eastern most building in Lynchwood.

(The quick and the dead) #37

Huh, I actually have known that was there for quite some time, never dawned on me that it'd be missing from these maps.

(Count Karloff) #38

Well, I'll second that. Have myself looted this closet at least 50 times. That closet slightly to west was previously also oddly missing. Maybe I messed my Lynchwood templates at some point?

Anyway, will add this shortly. And credit Pyro Pete closet. Thanks :birthday:

(Count Karloff) #39

Posted Lynchwood v1.5:

1) Added missing outhouse

Also added due credits for past Pyro Pete outhouse.

As a side note, made a quick leisure stroll to Lynchwood to ensure that all known (to me) chest really are on maps. Seems OK, and I netted Dukino's Mom's skin on the way :gift:

Enjoy :grinning:

(Ghost_Prototype) #40

Thanks for the nod. I'm glad to be of service. :blush:

There's a slag sample located next to the Hyperion locker in the the middle south of WEP.


The voice message from Tannis that allows the samples to be picked up actually plays after the player has passed this point on the map during the story mission.

(Ensign Rook) #41

Shouldn't there be a designation showing that some chests have guaranteed nerfed drops? For examples, the chest in Windshear Waste will always contain a white (Jakobs?) shotgun, and the chest in Badassasaurus Rex's map will always have a white Torgue shotgun.