Borderlands 2 oasis error

i couldnt enter oasis now i could just a bit cuz i reeinstalled the game ~
but now i cant leave oasis cuz after the clip the game freezes the whole ps3
i demand an explenation cuz i just lost my best character and i still can play in oasis

What level is your character and what mode are you playing in?

The easiest thing right now would be to post on the PS3 on-line play and co-op section for someone who’s game you can join just to get you out of Oasis.

As far as the game freezing in the same location, this is in my experience often a problem with the drive the game is running off - if there’s a crack on the game disk, or a bad sector on the hard drive, as soon as the game tries to access that particular section (to load a map, textures, objects, etc.) it can freeze up.

You may want to look into backing up your saves to an external drive or USB key, just in case it is your PS3 causing problems. I’m not sure exactly how to do that, but maybe one of the PS regulars (@Piemanlee? Not sure who else) can provide specific information.