Borderlands 2 on PS4 Pro

Will Borderlands: The Handsome Collection receive an update for the upcoming consoles is the question I have right now. I previously played on pc, but the poor bastard gave up on me yesterday :frowning:. I was thinking about buying a PS4, but didn’t because I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the console. I have a little more hope for the Pro and I’m dying to know if this will actually be up to par with the pc version of Borderlands 2. Since the game itself is not that heavy, unless PhysX is on the maximum. What also begs the question, is PhysX finally going to be a thing ? Let me hear your thoughts and opinion ! :blush:

I just can’t see it happening. Gearbox is currently very busy with Battleborn and Borderlands 3.

I’m sorry, wrong post xD (I was thinking of my other post while replying) !
but too bad for this question though, back to pc hunting then