Borderlands 2 on PS5 - Only One Character Supported?

I’ve got BL2 (the Handsome Jack Collection) running on PS5, but it only seems support one character. (Not talking about a transferring from PS4)

I’ve created a new character and play is good. Every time I created a second new character, I lose the first character. I’m pretty much a newbie on the PS5, so it possible I am doing something stupid.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Sounds like you are doing something wrong. In main menu press triaingle(?) then load other characters you already have. I think that’s how it was.

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I’ll give it a try when I get back home in a few hours.

You are right it’s the triangle button! I kept looking for menu option like the PC version.

Thank you!

I think many of us ran into that poor user interface decision by gearbox. There is no indication that triangle does anything, and I only figured it out by randomly pressing buttons on the controller just to see what happened.

Does it not show the button options along the bottom right of the screen like it does on XBox?

If I remember correctly it does.