Borderlands 2 on vita needs to be fixed immediately

Ok, let me just say this for everyone: why are we not getting any fixes for bl2 on vita, the reasons why: 1. Major game freezes anytime, the game is basically unstable to play. 2. Inventory updating. Letss say you are trading with a friend. When scrolling down your inventory, you have to wait for the inventory to load, in order to see what item you want to select. 3. Lack of ambition. Borderlands 2 on vita barely has any story dlcs like hammerlock’s hunt and TTAoDK, which gave us new weapons and activities. Without any dlc of any sort, what is the point of even playing the game. About 50% of players play those dlcs either for the added weapons,the story, or activities. There is even more reasons to not abandon this port but these are just my selling points. Oh, and one more thing: corrupted tetures like on tediore items and on the b1tch. Farewell, and Gbx, please take more care of this port.

And also, there is this ugly rainbow glitch, everyone that has played this port has experienced it.

According to posts on the old forums at the time, the PS Vita hardware is not capable of supporting the game plus all four DLCs, which is why the developers stopped when they did. As for the rest of your post, I have no idea. I strongly suspect, thought, that if it was possibly to quickly fix the issues you mention, it would have been done a long time ago. Rremember that the Vita port was really intended as an extra option for those already playing the game on PS3, who just wanted a quick BL2 fix on the go.

But, it was gearbox’s fault for not maintaining and iron galaxy’s for porting in the first place.

And also, why even bother releasing a port that they will never fix? They could have madeitat least identical to the ps3 version, but with lessoptions and graphics.