Borderlands 2 on xbox one.. anyone?

Trying to find people to play the handsome collection, borderlands 2 right now. I have a level 34 assassin doing the pirates booty dlc on normal mode. Trying to do tvhm soon just want people to play with to do arenas and boss fights with. Message me on the One my GT is Keepit3HUNNA69

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I’m only 17 so far but I’m always down to play. Undefeatdgaul

Yeah I’ll add you

Inv me anytime bro. Came on this site for the same deal. Demonic Quantum is my gamertag

Word I’ll add you right now. I’ve been doing tvhm with my 38 assassin would be alot better with people though idk where you’re at in the game but always down to play.

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I’m a cammando lvl 21

Alright that’s cool man my bad I haven’t added you yet I had to finish watching the Kentucky ND game lmao

i know im very late but if youre still into the borderlands 2 add me gt: Xx T3RRIER xX

anyone who wants to play can add me MechX74.

i have added you