Borderlands 2 online

(Martinsmith0912) #1

Anyone on ps vita want to play in a level 34 psycho on true vault hunter mode :slight_smile: my psn is darkdefiler12

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(Wither255) #2

I can help you level up as i am a level 61 psycho :wink:

(Wither255) #3

PSN : Wither255

(Martinsmith0912) #4

Wither I added u

(Ryueric202) #5

i add you darkdefiler lvl 33 assasin

(Martinsmith0912) #6

I never got a request its darkdefiler12

(Caucasioncracker) #7

Iā€™m a Lvl 61 commando caucasian_1989

(Brok3 N) #8

Add me just started the game where_is_mollyy